AEW Dynamite Results – May 4, 2022

AEW Dynamite Results – May 4, 2022

We are live from the Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena (that’s a mouthful) in Baltimore, Maryland! Adam Cole has joined us on commentary and we’re getting right to the action!

Match #1. Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifier: Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Fish
#HotTake Bobby Fish is one of the most underrated wrestlers on the planet. Fish vs. Shibata, Jay Lethal, Ishii… classics! Shoulder block and a hip toss early by Jeff. Jeff throws Fish head-first to the turnbuckle as the “Let’s Go Hardy/Let’s Go Fish” chants ring out. Fish reverses an Irish whip and delivers a shoulder block in the corner. Fish with some strikes to the inside thigh and a dragon screw leg whip for a two count. Thai clinch by Fish and some knees. Fish misses an inside out senton as Jeff rolls to the outside. Fish catches a kick from fish and delivers a dragon screw leg whip into the barricade on the outside! Sting and Darby are shown in the rafters. Back in the ring and Fish delivers some ground and pound from back mount. Back suplex by Fish gets another two count. Fish grabs a leg but Hardy hits a back flip kick followed by a jaw breaker… no! Jaw breaker countered into a knee into the sternum. Hardy turns around… hits the jaw breaker. Fish is up and delivers a pair of high kicks to Hardy. Hardy ducks a third one and delivers a back elbow. Clothesline. Manhattan drop followed by a double leg drop to the sternum by Hardy. Hardy nails a Twist of Fate and heads up to the top rope. Fish is up and kicks Hardy’s leg out from underneath him. Fish follows Hardy up top… Avalanche Falcon Arrow! That’s got tp be it — no! Hardy is out at two! Fish transitions two a straight knee bar but Hardy gets to the ropes. Fish charges Hardy in the corner but Hardy gets an elbow up. Whisper in the Wind from Hardy. Hardy goes up top.. Swanton Bomb! That’s it.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Rating: **1/2. This match was fine, but I think it’s time to be honest with ourselves here… Jeff Hardy looked like he was wrestling in mud here. Hardy is better suited in tag matches at this point in his career.

The Young Bucks come strolling down to the ring and we get a Hardy Boys vs. Young Bucks faceoff. Matt and Nick walk past the Hardy’s and go to check on the fallen Bobby Fish.

Match #2. 6-Man Tag Team Match: Blackpool Combat Club (Wheeler Yuta, Bryan Danielson, & Jon Moxley) vs. AFO (Butcher, Blade, and Angelico)
As usual, the BCC all get their separate entrances but Butcher cuts Moxley off at the pass and we’re starting hot here. Danielson and Blade to start. Blade with some chops in the corner and a clothesline. Angelico gets the tag and snatches Danielson in some sort of standing trailer hitch submission? Danielson gets out and delivers some pain to Angelico in the corner with the patented Yes Kicks. Running dropkick to Angelico and a tag to Yuta. Angelico tags to Blade who gets a back body drop for his troubles. Dropkick to Blade who tags Butcher. Dropkick to Butcher and it doesn’t bother him. Another one. Butcher eats them and hits a low cross body block. Angelico back in traps Yuta in a double arm bar. Quick tag to Butch who pounds on Yuta with some chops in the corner. Butcher tosses Yuta headfirst into the top turnbuckle and tags in Blade. Double team clothesline to Yuta. Angelico back in and they’ve effectively isolated Yuta. Kicks in the corner. Butch back in and he Irish whips him HARD from pillar to post. Yuta slips under Butcher’s legs and hits a German suplex as both men are down. Yuta gets the hot tag to Moxley who clotheslines Blade over the top and follows him outside. Moxley tosses Blade into the announce table, then the post, then the steps, and finally back into the ring. Butch tries to intervene, but Moxley bites him in the face. Butcher buys Blade some time as Angelico gets the tag. Angelico attempts a low round house but hits Moxley with the Tekken style crescent kick. Moxley rebounds with a lariat and tags Danielson. Shotgun dropkick from Danielson and he traps Angelico’s wrist. Butcher comes in but Yuta grabs him, same goes for Blade and Moxley. Danielson with the arm trapped head stomps followed by the triangle choke and that’s it!

Winner: Blackpool Combat Club

Rating: **3/4. Really fun match with Yuta playing Ricky Morton until Moxley and Danielson come in and destroy everyone. BCC are on a tear right now and look stronger than almost anyone in AEW.

Tony is in the back with Team Taz. Before long, Jurassic Express are here, and Jungle Boy accepts Team Taz challenge for the AEW World Tag Team Titles. Jungle Boy wants a shot at the FTW Title and Starks says he’s got it.

Match #3. Wardlow vs. MJF’s Mystery Opponent
Wardlow is getting the full Goldberg treatment as we see him being escorted from the parking lot, flanked by security. No music. Handcuffs. Crowd is going nuts for him. MJF’s music hits and he wants everyone so shut his mouth. MJF says he won’t stay out here, and he’s going to watch the match in the back. Warlow’s opponent is… William Morrissey fka Big Cass! Morrissey is in unbelievable shape here, and if you haven’t been watching Impact… he’s been a big deal. Neither man able to take advantage here early. Wardlow picks up Morrissey and runs him into the turnbuckle. Morrissey follows Wardlow into the other turnbuckle with a huge splash, as he follows up with some clubbing blows to the back. Wardlow goes to the outside and Morrissey follows. Morrissey whips Wardlow into the post headfirst. Morrissey now dribbling Wardlow’s head off of the apron. Back in the ring, Morrissey runs Wardlow to the ropes and hits a HUGE Bossman Slam for a two count! Morrissey sits Wardlow on the top, but Wardlow fights him off. Wardlow stands up top! Moonsault! Powerbomb by Wardlow! Only one this time, and this’ll do the job.

Winner: Wardlow

Rating: **1/4. Big meaty men slapping meat, I believe, is how Big E put it. Good to see Morrissey on an AEW program, and Wardlow, man, the sky is the limit for this guy.

Warlow destroys all of MJF’s security. Twenty plus guys and Wardlow stands tall! One guy left in the room and Wardlow hits an Awesome Bomb to the outside on the rest of the crew!

Wardlow says he’s not stopping, and he wants his release! Crowd chants “Wardlow’s gonna kill you!” MJF says he wants a match with Wardlow, and if Wardlow wins, he will let him out of his contract. MJF says he’s got some conditions, which he will announce next week at a contract signing next week, Long Island!

Tony Schiavone is in the back with Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter, Toni Storm, and Ruby Soho. Britt says the history books are littered with Dr. Britt Baker, DMD. Ruby can’t wait to get her hands on either one of them, as per Britt has a receipt coming.

Back from break, Tony Schiavone is in the ring as we welcome AEW World Heavyweight Champion, “Hangman” Adam Page to the ring. It would be easy for Page to say how much he loves and respects Punk, and how much he looks forward to standing across from Punk at Double or Nothing. That’s not going to happen, however. At Double or Nothing, there will be no handshake. There will be no masturbatory Bret Hart tribute match. Yikes. At Double or Nothing, Page is going to destroy CM Punk. Crowd chants “CM Punk!” Page singles out a fan in the crowd wearing a Punk shirt and says when DON is over, that fan will be burning his shirt or asking for a refund. Punk isn’t here tonight, and if he were a betting man, he’d say Punk is off filming another TV show. Page says he’s going to embarrass Punk. Punk wanted a fight? Punk’s got one.

Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh, and Sonjay Dutt are upset that Konosuke Takeshita is getting the red carpet rolled out for him. Lethal wants Takeshita on Rampage.

Match #4. Chris Jericho vs. Santana
I think we should all be talking more about Daniel Garcia’s Kangol hat. Santana dives over the rope before Jericho even gets to the ring! Heavy chops by Santana as both guys are brawling at ringside. Santana whips Jericho into the guard rail and looks to set up the steel steps. Jericho grabs a camera and Santana flips him off, then hits him in the face. Pump kick by Santana and both men roll back in the ring. The match officially starts, but Santana gets distracted at ring side and Jericho hits the double jump dropkick, sending Santana crashing down on the steps. Jericho rolls Santana back in the ring and hits a back suplex. Irish whip into the corner by Jericho who follows in with a clothesline. Jericho puts Santana on the top rope but Santana fights him off. Slingshot by Jericho as Santana’s neck was under the bottom rope. Jericho climbs up top but Santana counters with a dropkick in midair that sends Jericho crashing to the mat. Jericho still gets up first and lays in some heavy chops in the corner. Jericho looks for the running face buster but Santana holds on and drives Jericho crotch first into the middle turnbuckle. Santana with a pair of clotheslines and one suplex. Two. Three amigos! Santana points up top and looks like he’s feeling froggy. Jericho catches Santana on the top rope but Santana fights Jericho off with a headbutt. Frog splash by Santana! Two count. Jericho counters a body slam into a Walls of Jericho! Santana fights to get to the rope and he does. Inside cradle by Santana gets a two count. Santana and Jericho now trade heavy chops in the center of the ring. Jericho looks for the O’Connor roll but Santana holds on and backward rolls into a cutter! Angelo grabs the bat at ringside but Ortiz gets his hands on it and takes Angelo and Garcia out. Inside the ring, discus lariat by Santana! Two count. Cannonball senton in the corner by Santana! Matt Menard jumps up at ring side to get Aubrey’s attention, and that allows Jericho to hit the low blow on Santana. Judas Effect seals this one up.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Rating: **3/4. Fun singles match with some really good story, but the winner wasn’t in doubt. Santana is really, really good.

The Jericho Appreciation Society attacks Ortiz and Santana after the bell as the crowd chants for Eddie Kingston. Kingston is not here tonight as per Jericho burned him on last week’s show. Jericho takes Floyd the Bat to Ortiz’ face as the JAS stands tall.

The Varsity Blonds are in the ring and Brian Pillman Jr. says he’s a humbled young man. Pillman was humbled by the House of Black. The poisoning of the mind of Julia Hart. Pillman wants to quote the best friend of his late father, John Harbaugh, who happens to be here. John Harbaugh, head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, that is. “Attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.” Pillman is feeling enthusiastic tonight, and he wants to fight the House of Black. HIT THE LIGHTS.

The House of Black is here, and the Varsity Blonds are surrounded. Griff and Pillman are protecting Hart, but that won’t last. Matthews lawn darts Pillman into Garrison in the corner. Black stalks Julia Hart in the corner, but Brody King hands her the chair. Matthews is coaching her to use the chair on Garrison but she can’t do it. Black is heated, and he rips the eye patch off of Hart and berates her. The Death Triangle is here to make the save as the House of Black think better of it.

Fenix stays in the ring, and we’re getting right to the next match.

Match #5. Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifier: Ray Fenix vs. Dante Martin
This is Fenix’s first match since the horrific elbow injury, which probably would have sidelined a normal human for more than six months. Dropkick by Fenix to start and Martin goes to the outside. Fenix walks a tightrope and hits a cross body to the outside. Martin goes back inside as Fenix rolls through a springboard 450 splash. Hold for hold here as Fenix winds up in a crucifix pin attempt for a two count. Roll through. Jackknife. Cradle. Cradle. Lots of two counts. Back slide into a Gory Special by Fenix. Martin rolls through for a sunset flip that gets two. Martin leaps over a sliding Fenix and grabs a head scissors. Double shoulder block. Back body drop. Canadian Destroyer by Martin as Fenix rolls to the outside. Tope suicida by Martin, who then runs Fenix headfirst into the ring post. Dropkick by Martin to Fenix on the outside. Martin in control in the center of the ring but Fenix reverses an Irish whip and lands a double jump back kick off the middle rope. Fenix sets Martin up back first on the middle rope and hits a reverse Spanish Fly! Two count! Martin ducks a rolling elbow and lands a reverse exploder. Fenix goes up to the top but Martin lands an enziguiri. Diving cross body block off the rope for a two count. Around the world reverse exploder by Martin gets another two count. Rolling thunder Frankensteiner by Fenix gets a two count! Martin kicks Fenix to the outside. Fenix tries to get back in the ring but eats a kick to the face. Fenix reverses a head scussors and has Martin up like a powerbomb, tosses him up in the air like a Last Ride, and hits a cutter! Two count. Martin counters a driver by Fenix into a cradle for a two count, and follows up with a super kick. Martin goes up top and Fenix follows him. Fenix tries the inverted Spanish Fly, this time from the top rope, but both men land on their feet! Poison-rana by Martin! Martin looking for the double jump moonsault that he calls the Nose Dive, but Fenix ducks! Fenix picks up Martin like a reverse suplex, hooks the head, delivers some knees, and then hits a sit out Rikishi Driver! One, two, three!

Winner: Fenix

Rating: ***3/4. Match of the night so far, and it’s not even close. Could I be a stickler for the lack of covers, and selling in this match? Absolutely. Will I be? No. Hell no. That was fun and a welcome addition to this show.

The brackets are set:

Side A:

Fenix vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Samoe Joe vs. *Joker*

Side B:

Jeff Hardy vs. Darby Allin

Adam Cole vs. Dax Harwood

Darby is here and he says the match writes itself. It’ll be a special night. Sting knows both men will pull out all the stops.

Thunder Rosa has a story to tell, and she’s the undisputed women’s world champion. Rosa has fought hard to win and defend the title. Thunder Rosa just wanted to elevate women’s wrestling when she came to the company, and she’s now part of the backbone of the company. Thunder Rosa is the top competitor in this division. Before Thunder Rosa was Thunder Rosa, she drove the coastline of California for hours upon hours to watch one wrestler and one wrestler only… and that woman is, the current number one contender, Serena Deeb. Deeb says it’s been a long time and she’s watched Rosa scratch and claw her way to the top, and she respects her. Deeb believes her and Thunder Rosa can make it the best women’s division in the entire world. Deeb says in order for that to happen, the best wrestler has to be the champion. Deeb says the title suggests Rosa is the best, but everyone knows Deeb is in a class all her own, and she’s on another level. Deeb tells Rosa at Double or Nothing, she’s taking her title.

Match #6. Undisputed Ring of Honor Women’s World Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Mercedes Martinez (c)
Nice reaction for Purrazzo, who’s making her AEW debut here. Martinez looks for the Code of Honor, but Purrazzo shrugs her hand away. Boooo. Both women trade headlocks and jockey for control. Purrazzo in control early with some hard chops and boots to a downed Martinez. Purrazzo with an arm ringer over the top rope, before dragging Martinez to the outside and wrapped her hand around the post. Both women are on the apron now, as Martinez spears Purrazzo who lands hard! Both women make it to their feet as they trade elbows on the outside. Irish whip by Martinez gets reverses by Purrazzo which forces Martinez to hit the post. Both women make it into the ring at nine. Trading elbows in the center of the ring as Martinez fires back with a pair of clotheslines. Saito suplex by Martinez who follows up with a huge boot in the corner. Two count! Martinez attempts an Irish whip but Purrazzo holds on, rolls through, and looks for the Fujiwara! Martinez gets to the ropes. Big boot by Purrazzo followed by a standing moonsault press for a two count. Purrazzo looking for a piledriver by Martienz rolls through and hits a running knee strike! Fisherman’s buster! One, two, no! Back elbow by Mercedes but Purrazzo counters with an arm trapped exploder (kind of?) for a two count! Martinez is up and looks for the jackknife cover but only gets a cone count. Double clothesline and both women are down. Martinez charges Purrazzo in the corner but eats a big boot. Martinez with an Attitude Adjustment. Curb stomp by Martinez! Martinez working on a Romero Special but Purrazzo bites Martinez… Martinez doesn’t care! Martinez locks in the Romero Special/Dragon Sleeper combo and she gets the tap!

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

Rating: ***1/4. Surprising finish here, I for sure thought we would see Deonna Purrazzo walk away with the undisputed title here. That being said, I feel like the crowd wasn’t as into this match as they should have been. I think sometimes Tony and AEW just assume their fans are going to know some of these faces (Purrazzo, Gage, Ishii, Suzuki, etc) and maybe don’t do as much promotion for them as they should That being said, fun match, good story, new champion.

The Code of Honor is adhered to post-match, and we’ve got a new Undisputed Ring of Honor Women’s World Champion.

Final Thoughts: This was your typical AEW Dynamite. Dynamite is like a wrestling buffet, and here’s what I mean by that. This week, we had the hoss fight, the high-flying spot fest, the technical match, and everything in between. Tony Khan tries to give every fan something they can enjoy, and sometimes, that causes AEW to spread themselves a little thin. That being said, the Owen is set, we’re building towards Double or Nothing, and we’ve got a fresh new feud for the World Title. 7.5/10.