AEW Dynamite Results – May 6, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – May 6, 2020

It’s Wednesday, we’re in Jacksonville and there is a new opening for AEW and there are a few fans at the facility spaced out on folding chairs. We get a video recap of the two TNT tournament matches and we are given a recap of what is upcoming by our Three Man Booth of JR, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone

Kicking off the show is the Bad Joey, Joey Janela. Next out is the Number One Contender who cannot go for the World Championship, Cody, who shakes hands with Janela.

Cody vs Joey Janela

They tie up and go into the corner and break clean. Their second tie up leads to running the ropes when Cody hits a series of shoulder tackles and then he rolls Janela into a one count. Janela reverses for a two count, and then Cody reverses THAT for a two count. When they get up, Cody sweeps the leg for a one count and Janela then sweeps Cody’s leg for a two count. They get up and Janela rolls Cody for a two count.

They trade chops until Cody tells Janela to chop him and then counters with blows, and ends with a stalled front suplex. Janela then takes control with a leg lariat, and a series of strikes.

The announcers go over how everyone at Daly’s Plaza was tested before they came in and they are observing all rules laid down by Jacksonville.

Janela is able to keep control, whipping Cody into the corner and he is able to reverse any move Cody tries to take control. Janela hits a back suplex and a two count. Janela puts Cody in a body scissors until Cody rolls back to put Janela’s shoulders down for a two count. Janela keeps up the pressure and they battle outside the ring. Janela tries a type of leap when whipped into the ring, and isn’t able to hit it and Cody then takes control of the fight outside the ring for a couple of moves, but Janela is able to take control again and they battle on the ramp.

The momentum switches when Janela misses a running attack, and Cody hits a disaster kick. Cody does a twisting moonsault off the ramp onto Janela on the floor. Janela is rolled back in the ring and Cody pounds the mat to fire up the crowd. Cody hits the dropping uppercut, a bicycle kick, and while he is powering up, Janela cuts him off with a superkick. Janela follows up with an elbow off the top and a two count.

Janela takes forever to get to the top turnbuckle, giving Cody time to leap up and nails him, following up with a reverse suplex. Cody covers for a two cou8nt and Janela kicks out. Cody is up first, tosses the belt into the crowd. He comes back for a crossroads, but Janela hits a spinning back elbow and then wraps Cody in a modifies pedigree which Cody reverses into a power slam and a two count.

Cody goes for a disaster kick, but Janela catches him and drops Cody with a German Suplex. Janela hits the ropes, builds up steam for a massive clothesline. Janell heads up to the top and misses his back flip from the top and Cody hits a Codycutter and gets a two count on Janela. Cody yells and Janela to get up and they then trade blows in the middle of the ring. Janela is starting to get the advantage, but Cody is able to hit a crossroads and covers Janela for a three count.

Your winner: Cody

We then get commercials where everyone knows that it’s “These unprecedented times”.

When we get back, we get a video package to re-introduce Nyla Rose. Tons of footage of her putting people through tables and a solid package to make her seem like a monster. They then show how the other women in the rankings have been working to show they are ready to face her.

We come back to someone already in the ring, and Nyla Rose is coming down the tunnel for the match. Tony is waiting to talk to her and Nyla says she is the most dominant force and Tony needs to shut up and do his job while he does hers.

Nyla Rose, Women’s champion vs Kenzie Paige in her debut.

Nyla starts with a brutal kick, then tosses Page across the ring. Page gets in a total of one blow that does nothing before Nyla goes back to taking her apart. Nyla hits a senton, pins Page for a two count and then pulls Page up stopping the count. Nyla then power bombs Page twice, then Beast bombs her and finally pins Page for the three count.

Your winner: Nyla Rose

We then have MJF in a video promo. He says a lot of kids are trying to be the next big thing, but he already IS the big thing, even after just a few months on the air. He says people are comparing him unfavorably to legends. The reason they do it is because a 24 year old kid has taken their spot. He is ratings, a prodigy and has more “It” in his pinky that others have in their body. He’s something the sport has never seen. He knows it’s OK to miss some TV because his spot will be right where he left it.

And next week, he sits back on his throne. And we go to a commercial.

We come back to a video package where Shawn Spears talks about Dustin getting beat up by Lance Archer. He would protect his brother, but Cody didn’t. If Cody would have thrown the towel, he could have protected his brother. Dustin’s career is over, and he couldn’t live with it, but he guesses Cody can.

Back in the arena, we have Tony talking with MJF and Shawn, and they are betting on the matches again. Wardlow is in the background. Shawn stuffs some money on Tony’s suit. MJF and Sean praise each other, and MJF says he is OVER healed. When Tony interrupts them to ask a question, Shawn takes the money back. Tony announces that MJF has been signed to face Jungle Boy at Double or Nothing and MJF starts shouting that he didn’t agree to that.

Coming to the ring is Kazarian with the rest of SCU, and he’ll take on Jon Moxley when the commercials are over.

When we come back, Mox is coming from the outside and comes through the not a crowd.

Jon Moxley, World Champion vs. Kazarian

They lock up and got into the corner and break with Kaz shoving Mox away. They lock up again and Kaz takes Mox down with a drop toe hold into a headlock. They get up, hit the ropes and Kaz locks on the headlock again. He is able to get a one count on Mox but keeps the hold. Mox eventually reverse into a hammerlock on Kaz. As they get to their feet, they have a double wrist lock, and after a struggle, Mox knocks Kaz to the mat. Mox then takes over with chops ans strike, and gets a one count on Kaz.

They grapple and slowly get up and Kaz takes over with another headlock. They get up and go to the corner for a break. Mox starts chopping Kaz and they then trade chops until Kaz gets that side headlock again. Kaz is able to roll Mox onto his back for a one count. They get back to their feet, and Mox is able to hit a back breaker on Kaz. Mox gets a one count and he then holds Kaz down. Mox is able to keep control with strikes and a series of shoulders in the corner.

Mox hits another back breaker and gets a two count on Kaz. They trade blows, and the sequence ends when Mox tosses him over the top rope onto the ramp with Kaz holding his knee.

We go to commercial with two screens for the first time in a long time. Mox continues to beat down Kaz outside the ring.

When we come back, Mox has Kaz in a submission hold and Kaz is holding the rope for the break. Mox hits Kaz with a high knee, knocking him out of the ring. Mox leaps off of the turnbuckle, buy Kaz is able to superkick him on his way down. Kaz tosses Mox in the ring and hits a springboard dropkick on Mox. Kaz waits in the corner for Mox to charge him, escapes through the ropes and leaps in, nailing Mox with a DDT and a two count. Kaz starts to set Mox up, but Mox reverses it into a reverse German Suplex.

Both are up, running the ropes, and Mox sets too early, allowing Kaz to hit a backstabber. Kaz follows up with a famouser and a two count. They get to their feet and trade blows. Kaz ends it with a shotgun dropkick, and Mox is up and gets in one of his own. Mox tries for a Paradigm shift, but Kaz is able to roll through and lock them together is a Three in One lock. Mox uses his one free foot to kick his way free.

Mox goes for a spear through the ropes, and Kaz is able to counter with a leg drop across Mox’s back. Kaz tries to bring Mox off the apron the hard way, and Mox is able to go behind, they switch and Kaz hits Mox with a release German Suplex. They both get up and trade strikes in the ring. Kaz runs at Mox and Mox nails him with a clothesline. Mox goes for a pin and Kaz rolls him up fo a two count. Kaz gets a second two count, and when Mox gets up, Kaz hits another German Suplex into the corner.

Kaz climbs to the top, but Mox meets him on top, hits him a few times and goes down to the mat, Kaz overshoots Mox and as Kaz runs into the corner, Mox is able to hits him with a surprise Paradigm shift and then pins Kaz for the three count and the win.

Your winner and still Champion, Mox!

The ring is rushed by the Dark Oder beating down Mox. SCU tries to run in, and they are stopped by the Dark Order. They continue the beat down until Mr. Brodie Lee comes to the ring. The Dark order hold Mox up and Lee nails Mox with a discus lariat.

Mr. Brodie Lee says that he is there to collect the bounty that Mox put on himself. No one is here to save him. There is no energy to save him, and he is not the same person Moxley knew. Any of his men will sacrifice themselves for him. Mox has something Lee wants, indicating the title. He is challenging Moxley for the title, and he doesn’t know if he’s a reasonable man. Or, if he is just a scared, fatherless boy. If Mox doesn’t answer his challenge, he will make him. He puts the microphone by Moxley and Mox says “All you had to do was ask.”

Lee kicks Mox and leaves the ring as the Dark Order starts beating him down again.

It’s commercial time.

When we come back, we get a video recap of the beat down on Mox by the Dark Order.

Earlier today, Brandi Rhodes cut a promo on Lance Archer and Jake Roberts. She says she knows what happens next, and Jake will confront her in the ring, and Cody will run to the rescue. However, she knows what he does and if he hits her, she will hit him back. Cody is the good guy, but she’s more challenging. Jake may know everyone else, but he doesn’t know her. And he will keep her name out of his dirty old mouth.

Next to the ring is QT Marshall with Brandi. Coming next, withy Jake Roberts, is Lance Archer.

Lance nails Jason Cade on his way to the ring.

QT Marshall vs Lance Archer

Lance just starts beating down Marshall, with Marshall getting in no offense until he gets in a back elbow and tricks Lance out of the ring with a low bridge. Lance follows it up by grabbing Marshall and choke slamming him on the apron. We go to commercial.

When we get back, they are in the ring with Marshall flat on his back and Lance leaps off the turnbuckle and then pins for a two count. Marshall gets in a few blows and is rewarded by being tossed out of the ring. As Marshall is recovering, Britt Baker hits him with her shoe. Brandi grabs the shoe and tosses it far off into the stands, leaving Britt weaponless.

Archer tosses Marshall back in the ring and he is able to get in a few blows on Archer, including a back suplex. Marshall is finally taken down with a shoulder tackle and Archer hits a blackout, pulls Marshall up at two and then locks on the EBT claw and holds it on as the ref counts Marshall’s shoulders down for the three count.

Your winner: Lance Archer

Britt Baker nails Brandi with a DDT and Jake pulls out his snake and drapes it on Brandi. Jake takes the snake back as we go to commercial.

When we come back, we get a quick rundown of the matches announced for Double or Nothing.

We then go to Taz interviewing Darby Allen. OK, not an interview, since Darby doesn’t respond to Taz’s question. Taz offers to help him and Darby leaves.

We then get a quick rundown of next week’s matches.

And now, it’s time for the main event as Chris Jericho is on his way to the ring with Sammy Guevara. As Jericho comes to the ring, Pineapple Pete takes a shot at Jericho, enraging Jericho….and we go to commercial.

When we get back, Kenny Omega is on his way to the ring. Next out is Broken Matt Hardy inhis first match at AEW.

Jericho and Sammy Guevara vs. Matt Hardy and Kenny Omega Street Fight

Sammy puts his finger in Matt’s face, and Matt bites it, and Kenny and Jericho start brawling and. It’s


Jericho and Kenny brawl outside and Matt and Sammy fight outside the ring.

Matt his a BT Bomb on Sammy for a two count.

Kenny comes in the ring and everyone trades partners.

Sammy is able to get his knees up to hit Kenny who was leaping onto him.

Matt and Jericho fight into the backstage area.

Jericho comes back and they double team Omega

The Sex Gods work in their pose while Omega recovers

Kenny starts to fight his way out and Jericho takes him down

Matt comes out and gets in some offense laying out Sammy for a two count

Matt gets a cutter on Jericho for a twio count broken up by Sammy

Matt is kicked out of the ring, and Omega hits a snap dragon on Sammy, but Jericho breaks it up with a baseball bat.

Sammy gets some knees from Omega for his shooting star press,

Jericho loses his bat

Matt nails Sammy with a cutter

Omega hits a V Trigger on Sammy

Matt and Kenny pull out ladders and tables.

Sammy is still in the ring, so he gets put on the table and Matt goes off the ladder through the table for a two count.

Kenny leaps into Hager’s hands and Hager drops him, face first on the apron.

It’s time for commercials with picture in picture

The battle goes up into the concession area with Jericho and Matt fighting.

Matt uses a steel bar to hit Jericho and Hager.’

Jericho tosses a bag of ice at Matt and they shove Matt into the ice machine

Omega shows up with a trash can and takes them both out.

Sammy shows up and tries to break up Omega beating down Jericho and hits a super weak trash can shot.

Sammy gets some money from the ATM after tossing Kenny into it.

Kenny takes over and tosses Sammy into the steel garage door.

Hager misses Kenny and takes a V Trigger

Jericho drives a cart into Kenny and he sets up a barricade for him to suplex Kenny onto it.

Jericho wears a traffic cone and then beats Kenny with it.

Kenny uses a wet floor sign on Jericho

Matt as Damascus has emerged from the ice and get a golf cart

Damascus demands the events be recorded and Jericho gets clipped by the golf cart.

Kenny and Damascus get in the golf cart and chase him through the concourse.

Jericho is laid on a table and Kenny gets on a scissor lift.

Hager saves Jericho, but Kenny leaps off the lift onto all three of them.

Kenny has Jericho up for the One Winged Angel, but Santana and Ortiz interrupt it.

Hager puts Damascus through a table

Kenny gets power slammed on the top of the golf cart

Hager drags Kenny to an open area, and Jericho hits a Judas Effect on Kenny for the three count.

Your Winners: Le Sex Gods, Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara.

The Inner Circle flips off the camera as we go to credits.