AEW Dynamite Results – November 11, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – November 11, 2020

It’s Wednesday, Full Gear is in the books, we’re at Daily’s Place and it’s time for All Elite Wrestling Dynamite!! Our announcers are Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone and it’s it’s a night where the Power Dynamic changes if you believe the twitter hype. It’s a new opening highlighting the changes from Full Gear

Team Taz is out to the ring first and Taz lets us know the Brian Cage will defend the FTW championship, but he sees Darby and tells him to stay away from the ring, and to call Cody and tell him the same thing. He says Matt Sydal respects the past, while Darby does not. Matt Sydel is already in the ring and Taz joins the announcers.

Brian Cage FTW Champion vs Matt Sydal

Sydal jacks his jaw at Cage and Cage responds by lifting Sydal over his head. Sydal escapes and drops Cage in the corner with an insigiri. Cage is up quick and then pounds Sydal ending the sequence with a full body overhead throw suplex. Sydal tries a few kicks and Cage takes control with a hip toss across his knee. Cage works over Sydal, slamming him for a two count pin. Cage controls, and any time Sydal gets a kick for some hope, Cage takes him down.

Cage does bicep curls with Sydal, tosses him over his back and then covers for a two count. Cage locks Sydal into a su8bmission hold, and Sydal escapes with kicks,. Sydal is able to reverse a power bomb to slam Cage, and Cage rolls out to the ramp. Sydal hits a Meteora. They get back into the ring, and Sydal is able to keep some control with kicks, hits a spinning version of a leg sweep on Cage and covers Cage for a two count. Sydal hits a standing shooting star press with a twist for another two count.

Sydal is able to keep moving with kicks on Cage until Cage is able to finally connect with a big clothesline, stopping Sydal. Sydal is able to reverse a power bomb and catch Cage for another two count. Sydal goes to the top and leaps. Cage catches Sydal, hits the drill claw and covers Sydal for the three count.

Your winner: Brian Cage

In the ring, Ricky Starks has the mic and says that they are now officially ranks. Starks says he is going for the TNT championship, and he will put you in the grave if you get in their way. He says they will make an impact and the revolution will be televised.

We get a rundown of the matches for tonight. Then we get a rundown of fast food and insurance as it’s commercial time.

When we come back, lights go out for Cody’s big entrance which give me time to catch up on my typing.

Cody has his last name now in the graphics. He congratulates Darby Allen, who is hiding in the rafters. Cody says he will not be seeking a rematch at this time, and he wants to be vindicated by winning a match with MJF. A woman comes to the ring, takes his microphone, and she says how dare Cody lie to the AEW audience. She is Jade Cargill, and she’s the total package, baby. She has been sitting on the sidelines for weeks studying the competition, and says she heard Cody say he was the giant killer. She says there is nothing giant about him. She knows a real giant and his statement is loud enough to wake him. She says the next time he feels the need to think out loud, he should keep it to himself,and slaps him and leaves the ring.

She says the giant he is talking about is the real sar and his name is….Shaq.

Brandi gets out and gets in her face. Jade slaps Brandi on her behind and while Jerry Lynn is sending them to the back, Brian Cage and Ricky Starks attack Cody. Darby’s music plays, and he makes his way to the ring. He hits a coffin drop on Starks and Cage gets slapped as the thumbtacks on Darby’s jacket cause him enough pain to leave the ring.

Are we going to get Shaq Fu? Will Hobbs comes to the ring as Team Tax leaves down the heel ramp way.

IT’s time for more commercials.

We come back for the highlights of Omega vs Page from Full Gear.

In the back Jon Moxley is with Alex Marvez and Alez asks him about Kenny Omega. Mox says he couldn’t say the words I quit at his match. He wanted to hurt peo-ple when he got to AEW. Now he realizes the championship represents everyone who is downtrodden, and the match with Kenny Omega is a huge challenge. He’s beat him before, and to beat him twice takes someone special and he’s special. If anyone can beat Kenny Omega twice, he can.

We are told their match will be December 2nd.

It’s now time for a Bunkhouse Brawl as Butcher, Blade and Bunny come to the ring. Butcher has his smock, but no monocle. We see the beating they gave the Natural Nightmares that led to the match. Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall come to the ring and attack immediately.

Butcher and Blade vs The Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall) in a Bunkhouse Brawl

We’re off and it’s QT and Blade on the inside and Dustin and Butcher on the outside. No moves, just fists flying.

QT takes off his belt, but Blade gets it and whips him with it.

Dustin hits a Final Reckoning on Butcher on a chair.

Blade comes out fo the ring to brawl with Dustin on the floor.

Nightmare family set up a chair.

QT takes a guitar to the head from Blade and the brawl continues.

Blade is tossed into the ring and Dustin brings in a bull rope.

Butcher hits a crossbody on Dustin with a chair.

QT is bleeding from the guitar, supposedly.

Bunny handcuffs Dustin to the ring ropes


QT takes a beating during the commercial.

We’ve got a ladder in the ring!

Dustin is free of the handcuffs, but is knocked to the floor from the apron.


Dustin is in the ring and flips, flops, and flies.

Ladder into Butcher and then Blade.

Butcher’s got the belt and goes after Dustin

Dustin and Butcher fight up the stairs and QT nails Butcher with a fire extinguisher.

Dustin bulldogs Butcher off the stage through plywood.

Blade and QT are in the ring.

They trade blows and Blade is a bloody mess

QT sets up a ladder, climbs to the top and hits an elbow and covers for a two count


Butcher is in and slams QT.

Dustin is in for boots and power slams.

Blade hits Dustin across the throat with a chair.

Full Death onto Dustin on a pair of chairs for a two count, busted up by QT

QT hits a diamond cutter with chains around Butcher’s neck.

Bunny through a table due to Blade being slammed into her.


QT gets a diamond cutter on Blade and covers for the win

Your winners: The Natural Nightmares

We get a recap of the Ultimate Deletion and Matt says he has never had a feud with so much rage and injuries. Now, Matt respects Sammy Guevara and he tells Sammy not to squander that respect. We are going to squander some time with commercials.

When we come back, it’s time for the 2020 Inner Circle Induction Ceremony

Jericho comes to the ring with the sounds of the Jacksonville Children’s choir and a podium. Jericho says they are adding two new members to the Inner Circle. He introduces the current Inner Circle as Santana, Ortiz, and Jake Hager come to the ring. Jericho is confused that Sammy Guevara isn’t there. Jericho introduces MJF and Wardlow.

MJF says real men cry, and he says his father gave him a small loan of 5 years and now he’s made it work. He talks about the pressure no one else can understand. He called us 9 to 5ers and should have called us ham and eggers. MJF reads a poem about his induction. Ortiz says he doesn’t want MJF in the Inner Circle and Jericho says MJF earned his way in, and with MJF’s mind and Wardlow’s muscle, they will be stronger. He tells Ortiz that he will make it work. MJF says he doesn’t even know who Drake is, so the poem he read must have been lyrics to a Drake song, so….I’m out of touch.

MJF says they are also here to celebrates Jericho’s birthday, and his balloons fly away as the music plays. MJF says he has an announcement, and next week, they are going to Vegas on him. MJF sings Happy Birthday. We sing the song for Taco Bell as we go to commercial.

We come back to a recap of the match between the Young Bucks and FTR.

Alex is outside the Bucks’s locker room and they don’t attack him. He asks what is next. Nick says it’s the biggest accomplishment but the world wants a rematch. Matt says Young Bucks and Champions go together great. They want fresh opponents. They watched a video of Top Flight and they are impressed by them. They get to face the Bucks next week. Matt apologizes to Alex for kicking him.

Back at the ring, Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard come to the ring. We are told the Bucks were going to compete, but Matt’s ankle hasn’t been cleared. We get a recap of the match between Spears and Christopher Daniels. Scorpio Sky comes to the ring on his own.

Shawn Spears with Tully Blanchard vs Scorpio Sky

They lock up and Sky breaks it up with strikes. Spears works Sky over in the corner, and Sky reverses it and does the same. Sky tries to lock Spears into a figure four and Spears goes to the floor. Sky follows and they brawl outside the ring. Sky bites Spears and Spears rolls into the ring and then outside the ring and Sky follows him. Spears is rolled into the ring and as Sky goes to the top, Spears leaps and and suplexes him from the top and we go PICTURE IN PICTURE.

Spears keeps control during the commercial, slamming Sky on the apron as well as taking him from the apron to barricade back and forth. When the roll into the ring, Sky takes over with strike, and Spears is able to muscle Sky down on the mat. We come back to Sky on the turnbuckle, and he leaps. Spears dodges and Sky sets up for C4, but Sky is able to escape and toss Spears out of the ring, and Sky follows with a leap onto Sky.

They go back in the ring and Sky comes in with a cutter and a two count cover. Sky is up first and goes to the top. Slowly. Spears runs up and Sky leaps down to the floor. Spears follows and they battle on the floor. Sky leaps into a kick by Spears, who then carries Sky onto the steel steps and drops him, spine first on the edge of the steps. They roll into the ring, and Spears is up first. Sky tries for a TKO, Spears escapes, Sky gets a sharpshooter on and Spears crawls over to the ropes, Tully puts the slug into his glove. Tully tosses in another slug and Sky sees it and tosses it. Spears loads up the glove, nails Sky and covers Sky for the three count.

Your winner Shawn Spears

Dasha is backstage with Kenny Omega, but Kenny left before the cameras came on.

Alex Marvez runs Kenny down and Kenny is on his phone. Kenny says that he is stepping into the number one position in wrestling, the title. He says Mox has taken the number one position from him, and he’s heard where is “The Cleaner?” The Kenny from New Japan. He says he’s never left, he’s ready to re-assume his role of being the best in the world. Kenny says they have never had a one on one match in a regular ring under regular rules, and Kenny’s got to catch a plane.

Back in the ring, Tay Conti comes to the ring with Anna Jay. They explain what happened with the women’s matches at Full Gear as they pose in the ring. Next out of the ring is Red Velvet with Brndi Rhodes.

Tay Conti vs Red Velvet.

They lock up and work the corner. They come back to the middle of the ring and work some match moves with each getting a one count cover. They run the ropes and Red Velvet takes Tay down with a leg lariat and covers for a two count. They trade blows in the middle of the ring, and Tay hits Red with a series of judo throws. Tay hits a kick and a two count on Red as we go to PICTURE IN PICTURE.

They trade holds and pins in the small screen until the commercials go full screen.

Red hits a series of clotheslines and a Casadora into a bulldog, followed with a drop toehold into the ropes. Red hits double knees into Tay’s back and Red hits a running stunner for a two count. They get to their feet and both hit roundhouse kicks on each other at the same time. Anna Jay slides in a chair to Tay. Tay kicks it out of the ring and Red hits a leg lariat for the two count.

Red misses a kick to the head on Tay, Tay follows with a roll through and pump kick on Red. She picks up Red and spins her into a knee strike for a three count,

Your winner: Tay Conti

Anna is not happy with Tay not taking the help from Anna Jay and they do eventually hug.

Alex Marvez is with Chris Jericho. Jericho shows off their tickets to Vegas. Sammy shows up and says MJF telling him to go to the beach. MJF says he sent a second email to be at the arena. As the Inner Circle leaves, MJF says he did send a second email and gives Sammy his ticket.

We then get a recap of Orange Cassidy and Kip Sabian yelling at each other in the back. OK, Kip yelled at Orange Cassidy and Orange walked away. We get a recap of next week’s announced matches.

Eddie Kingston comes from the back with a mic. He tells the fans to quit chanting his name and he says Mox told him to say I quit. Eddie say he will never stop and he will be world’s champion. He says that next is Penta vs his brother Fenix. He tells everyone “You’re welcome” and heads over to the announce table.

First out in Rey Fenix and it’s time for commercials.

We come back to Penta El Zero Mero on his way to the ring.

Rey Fenix vs Penta El Zero Mero

They miss each other and Rey is able to get a quick two count.

They trade kicks and Rey struggles to get up.

Rey rolls up Penta, they separate, go into a pair of flips and Penta gets a two count.

Rey is sent WAY over the top to the floor.

Rey is in and hits a drop kick to to Penta to stomp his attacks.

Penta puts Rey into a standing Texas cloverleaf

Penta tries to tear off Rey’s mask and they he straddles Rey on the ropes.

Rey’s mask is torn and Penta puts him in a rear chin lock and we go to PICTURE IN PICTURE

Penta continues the assault outside the ring on the small screen

Penta rolls Rey into the ring and keeps breaking him down with strikes and moves off the ropes.

Rey calls for Penta to keep attacking as he sits on the mat as we come back.

Penta sets up for the package pile driver, Rey escapes and covers Penta for a two count

Rey runs at Penta after they trade kicks, and Penta tosses him to the ramp. Rey tries to leap in, bungles the first leap, hits the second and hits a rana for a two count.

Rey hits a springboard cutter from the ropes and covers Penta for a two count.

Rey rips at Penta’s mask and then rains down blows on him.

They tear at each other’s masks and start pounding on each other.

Penta hits a front flip spike into the mat and covers for a two count

Petra sets up for another front flip and Rey escapes

Penta rolls to the floor and Rey flips over the ropes to the floor

Back in the ring, Rey hits a senton atomico from the turnbuckle and covers for a two count

They fight on the apron, and Penta hits the package pile driver on the apron.

Penta hits a destroyer on the floor after coming off the apron.

Penta rolls Rey into the ring and sets up for another package pile driver

He hits it and covers for the three count.

Your winner: Penta El Zero Mero

Eddie grabs a mic and tells us we just saw two of the greatest wrestlers in the world today. His best friend showed the world who is boss. Eddie kicks Rey out of the ring nonchalantly. He doesn’t need the dead weight of his brother. We then get Pac’s music and Pac comes from the back. The Bastard!

Pac has a mic and says Eddie has made a very big mistake. Pac goes for Eddie and the referees flood the ring to keep them apart. Next week, Pac will make his return against The Blade. They keep trying to get at each other and we’re out of time!!