AEW Dynamite Results – November 20, 2019

AEW Dynamite Results – November 20, 2019

We have fireworks and are live from Indianapolis. Our announcers are Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur. We run down tonight’s card and we go straight to the action.

Nick Jackson vs Rey Fenix

Tony lets us know that this Nick Jackson’s first singles match in his last 202 bouts. The crowd is alive with anticipation and we have a lock up into a headlock by Nick. Three shoulderblocks by Nick and a dropkick by Fenix. Nick avoids a splash and both men go to the outside. They reverse every single move and make their way back to the ring. Each man tries a dropkick simultaneously. Fenix with 2 springboard headbutts. Fenix with an off the top rope armdrag, Nick goes to the outside. Nick comes back in to avoid a dive. Fenix slides out of the ring. Nick follows and Fenix hits a cutter on the floor. Fenix throws Nick back in and hits a senton off the top for 2.

Forearms by Fenix. Fenix tries a tightrope kick but misses. Running knee strike by Nick for 2. Nick calls for a superkick party by Fenix connects with one. Hurancanrana off the top rope by Nick after the men exchanged strikes balancing on the ropes. Sharpshooter attempt by Nick, blocked by Fenix. BIG superkick by Fenix, Nick counters and we’re going back and forth with superkicks, both men are down as referee Rick Knox applies the count. Nick’s up first and hits elbow strikes. Fenix punches out and goes to the top and runs the top rope, connecting with a rana to the outside. Fenix brings him back in, the exchange kicks. A cutter by Fenix for 2.

Fenix plays to the crowd and they start fighting on the apron, exchanging punches and roundhouse kicks. German suplex on the apron by Nick Jackson. Nick rolls him back in and hit the springboard facebuster. Destroyer by Nick Jackson for 2. Nick gets the sharpshooter applied, Fenix makes the ropes. Elbow by Fenix he misses a charge and getsa arolup for 2. Fenix with a spinning kick off the rope into the corner. Fenix with a Muscle Buster Driver for the pin.

WINNER: Rey Fenix

Nick Jackson offers a handshake but Fenix ignores it and walks off.

Britt Baker vs Hikaru Shida

Lockup, neither can get the edge. Lockup again, Baker with a headlocvk and a shoulder block and an armdrag. The two exchange leg sweeps and we have a stalemate. Shida blocks a kick, Baker tires to roll her up for a lockjaw, Shida escapes. Baker with forearms and a clothesline. Baker with a running forearm followed by a suplex for 2. Baker with an armbar and a rollup for 2. Baker whips her into the corner but can’t follow up. Sakura with hard forearms, Baker may have broken her nose. Shida gets her on the top turnbuckle and kicks her to the apron, Baker rolls out. Shida grabs a chair and sets up her running lauch knee strike. She connects. Shida rolls her back in and tries a superplex but Baker punches out. Baker yanks Shida’s arm over the top. Sling blade by Baker. Facebuster off an abdominal stretch by Baker. Baker can’t hit the neck breaker. Shida charges the corner but Bajer avoids it. Britt with a DDT off the 2nd rope for 2. Baker goes for a foreman carry but Shida blocks it and hits a running knee. They exchange forearms. Judo throw into a forearms back breaker for 2. Running knee by Shida. As she goes for the pin, Baker reverses and troes the lockjaw but Shida makes the ropes. Neck breaker by Britt for 2. Eye poke and Falcon Arrow by Shida for 2. Running kee strike by Shida finally gets the pin.

WINNER: Hiraku Shida

Video feature on the Dark Order. An overweight man gets bullied on a train stop. A video on the train encourages the man to find himself. BY joining the Dark Order, you will gain something bigger than yourself. You will have friendship and a peaceful life. Join us…Join the Dark Order. Excellent little piece trying to give a little insight into the act


Hangman Page, Chuck Taylor, Jimmy Havok, Kip Sabian, Jungle Boy, Pentagon, Sonny Kiss, Joey Janela, MJF, Billy Gunn and Orange Cassidy are your participants

Christopher Daniels distracts Pentagon and he’s thrown out immediately. Action is fast here. Sonny and Billy Gunn compare their rear ends while MJF eliminates KISS. Havok attacks everyone with his staple gun. Somewhere in this Marko Stunt has been eliminated. Havok is thrown out. Chuck Taylor is selling the multiple staple shots to his groin. Shawn Spears interferes to eliminate Janela. The crowd is alive for Cassidy and Gunn squaring off. MJF breaks it up and eliminates Cassidy. Famouser by Gunn on MJF, MJF avoids the elimination. Wardlow comes down. Gunn eliminated by a buckshot lariat by Page. Final 4, Sabian, Page, MJF and Taylor. Sabian eliminates Taylor with a springboard kick, assisted by Penelope Ford. Jungle Boy and Page square off while Perry is on the apron. MJF pulls Jungle Boy off for the elimination.

CO WINNERS: MJF and Adam Page (Next week they will meet one-on-one for the Dynamite Diamond Ring.

It is time for AEW World Champion Chris Jericho’s major announcement. As we come back we see highlights of Scorpio Sky’s pin of Le Champion last week. Jericho and Hager come out to a pyro display and Fozzy’s “Judas”. Jericho wants Indy to sit down and shut up. Jericho acknowledges his temper tantrum. He admits it wasn’t conduct conducive to Le Champion. Jericho attempts an Arthur Fonzarielli s-s-s-s-sorry apology. Hager ends up being the one who says “sorry” in Jericho’s stead. Next week, Jericho announces he’ll finally get the thank you he deserves. He chose Chicago because it has two baseball teams and a hockey team. Much better city than Indianapolis. The celebration will have an aquarium, clowns and surprises. As Jericho leaves, SCU comes out. Scorpio Sky leads the way. Indianapolis takes over as the worst town SCU has ever been in. Sky admires Jericho apology. However, Sky reminds him why he threw the tantrum. Sky reminds him that he handed Jericho his first AEW loss and now his high school crush, Melanie Parsons will go out with him. Sky apologizes for embarrassing Jericho.

Jericho tells Sky that Melanie Parsons has gotten fat. Sky likes big butts and he cannot lie. Jericho tells Sky that he’s going to meet him one-on-one. SCU tries to trick Jericho into NOT giving him a title match but, somehow, Jericho falls for it and makes Sky accept a title match. They brawl and the entire Inner Circle get involved and lay out SCU. Daniels and Kazarian get handcuffed in the ropes. Lower card guys try to help but get laid out. Judas Effect on Sky. The Jurassic Express run in. Hager and Luchasaurus go face to face until Hager walks off.

Luchasaurus vs. The Librarian Peter Avalon

Avalon welcomes him back and says he’s about to turn the dinosaur into motor oil. Kick by Lucha and flattens him with a tombstone facebuster for the pin.

WINNER: Luchasaurus

Luchasaurus celebrates with Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy.

Matt Travis Memorial Tribute Match: Proud and Powerful (Santana and Ortiz) vs Private Party (Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy)

Quen hangs a Matt Travis T shirt over the top rope in tribute. Lock up, waistlock by Santana on Kassidy as we go to commercial. When we return, Quen and Santana are exchange forearm punches but Santana and Ortiz are tagging in and out. Russian Leg sweep off the 2nd rope by Santana on Quen followed by a German Suplex and bridge for 2. Backbreaker by Santana followed by a vertical suplex. Santana and Ortiz tag in and out as they hold Quen up for a suplex. Quen has been upside down for nearly 2 minutes. Ortiz finally drops him for 2. Ortiz rips off Quen’s tails and rakes his back. Quen with punches but Ortiz fights him off and applies a Boston Crab. Crab/Camel Clutch combo by Proud and Powerful, Kassidy keeps getting held back by the ref as we go to commercial

We return with an Ortiz bearhug on Quen. Quen rolls out and makes the tag. He takes out both and hits a rana on Ortiz. Roundhouse kick to Ortiz and a springboard moonsault to the outside on Santana. Kasidy hits a sunset flip but Paul Turner just stops his count at two. The announcers are trying to cover it. Powerbomb by Ortiz for 2. Hanging cutter by Proud and Powerful for 2. Santana brings in the loaded sock but Nick Jackson runs in and takes it away. Gin and Juice by Private Party out of nowhere for the pin.

WINNERS: Private Party

Sammy Guevara attacks Nick Jackson but Dustin Rhodes comes out to stop him. Dustin lays out Guevara and Private Party celebrate with Dustin and Jackson.

We go to Kenny Omega talking about how he’s doing some very uncharacteristic things. He blames his downfall on losing to PAC. Omega tells PAC that his redemption starts next week with him.

Jon Moxley vs. Darby Allin

Allin has a new entrance video package especially for this match. Allin is carried to the ramp in a bodybag labeled “MOX”. The crowd comes to life as he skateboards down the ramp. Mox enters through the crowd to cheers. Allin meets him with a dive through the ropes right away, they brawl into the crowd, exchanging punches. Mox gets the edge but Allin dives over the barricade into a Thez Press. Mox kicks him and fireman carries him back to ringside, slamming Allin into the post. Belly to belly by Mox on the outside. Mox gets Allin back in the ring and we are officially underway. Allin with a dropkick, follows up with a crossbody that Moxley shrugs off. Into the corner goes Allin via a dropkick. Biel toss by Moxley, he shows off as we go to commercial.

We’re back with Moxley yelling at the crowd while Allin writhes in pain. Cloverleaf by Moxley he shifts into an STF. Darby drags himself to the corner for a break. Mox swings several times and Allin avoids him. Allin goes for a cross body but Mox avoids it. Moxley follows Allin to the outside where Allin gets his back and throws Moxley into the post. Allin slams Moxley into the stairs. Dropkick by Allin. They battle to the top, Allin stomps the fingers but Allin slips off. Moxley with a suplex throw. Kneelift by Moxley. They exchange punches. Moxley holds the bodybag and Allin hits a suicida. Back in the ring Mox with a clothesline and he stuffs Allin in the bodybag. This is interesting. Moxley stomps the bag repeatedly. Referee unzips the bag and Allin fights back with a sliced bread stunner. Rollup for 2 by Allin. Destroyer by Allin for 2. Allin tries a coffin drop but Moxley catches a sleeper, Allin goes over him for a 2 count. Moxley to the 2nd rope, Allin follows him and they exchange punches. Moxley with a Paradigm Shift off the second rope for the pin.

WINNER: Jon Moxley

Moxley yells about being at the top of the food chain as we go to credits.