AEW Dynamite Results – November 4, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – November 4, 2020

It’s another Wednesday in Daily’s Plaza in Jacksonville Florida, and it’s time for Dynamite. The show opens with Dasha Gonzalez with Chris Jericho, Jake Hager and Santana. Jericvho is putting over Jake Hager’s MMA win when MJF and Wardlow show up to interrupt. MJF says that he feels they didn’t quiote mesh last week, and Jericho says that he has been thinking about MJF joining the Inner Circle, and MJF may be a little….


MJF disagrees and he and Wardlow go to the ring to prove him wrong.

Our announcers tonight are Excalibur, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Chris Jericho.

Coming to the ring for their match are MJF, the Diamond Ring, and Wardlow. Next out are Sammy Guevara and Ortiz.

MJF and Wardlow vs Sammy Guevara and Ortiz

MJF acts as if he will start, but he defers to Wardlow who ties up with Ortiz. They start to run the ropes, but Ortiz hits a drop kick to Wardlow’s legs. Wardlow recovers quickly and slams Ortiz for MJF to tag in and take over now that Ortiz is down. MJF misses a knee drop. MJF distracts the ref and Wardlow slaps down Ortiz, and MJF runs over to stomp him down. Wardlow tags in and they keep Ortiz in the corner with quick tags and blocking Ortiz from tagging out. MJF tags in and taunts Sammy into the ring and as the ref is keeping Sammy out, Ortiz is worked over. MJF covers Ortiz for a two count, and then keeps control of Ortiz’s arm and tag in Wardlow.

Wardlow works Ortiz over and MJF is tagged in to slap in an modified arm bar. Ortiz works up and is able to kick MJF back to his own corner, Wardlow tags in but cannot stop Ortiz from tagging in Sammy who cleans house on Wardlow. MJF is tagged in and Sammy is able to keep working them over and ends the sequence with tornado topes, with MJF on one side of the ring, and Wardlow on the open. MJF comes in to get pinned by Sammy for a two count.

Ortiz is tagged in and he and Sammy take MJF to a neutral corner, putting him on the top. Wardlow tries to stop what’s happening and pushes Sammy off to the floor, Wardlow is kicked away and MJF does a leaping stomp onto Ortiz’s arm. MJF tries to slap on the arm bar, but Ortiz is able to escape, MJF whips Ortiz into Wardlow and they are out of the ring. MJF and Sammy run the ropes and trade kicks. Sammy hits the GTH and covers MJF for a two count, broken up by Wardlow.

Wardlow takes a kick and a facebuster from Sammy and Ortiz. Sammy ends it with a standing shooting star press and Wardlow goes out of the ring. MJF is on the top with Sammy and Ortiz, Wardlow grabs them and tosses them to the mat. Wardlow drags JF to their corner, tags himself in and hits a F10 on Ortiz. Wardlow covers Ortiz and Sammy breaks it up with a leap off the turnbuckle. MJF is tagged in and is tossed out as he runs at Sammy, and Sammy follows with a 450 axe handle.

Sammy starts to work over MJF outside the ring and Matt Hardy throws a chair at Sammy and hits him in the face. MJF rolls into the ring and locks the Salt of the Earth on Ortiz, and Ortiz taps out.

Your winners: MJF and Wardlow

After the match MJF attacks Jericho at the announce table, and Jake Hager shows to break it up and send MJF on his way.

We get a rundown of tonight’s card from the announcers.

Earlier today, Tony sat down with Kenny Omega at his house. Kenny then says it’s not his house or his dog. Kenny says he has relocated to Jacksonville to focus on his match at Full Gear. Kenny says he could have taken a series of byes to get to the final, but instead he fought his way through the tournament to get to the final. Kanny says he’s won every tournament he’s ever been in. Kenny says he is destined to win the tournament and the title.

Coming to the ring are the Best Friends and we’re off to commercial.

We come back to Miro coming to the ring with Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford.

Miro vs Trent

Miro starts mouthing off about Trent’s mom, and Trent leaps at him and takes over the match until Miro is able to suplex Trent after grabbing him off the turnbuckles. Miro attacks Trent and drops an elbow before covering Trent for a two count. Miro keeps up the attack on Trent with Trent able to put up little defense.

Chuck attacks Kip Sabian and they brawl on the outside. Trent is finally able to dodge a charge from Miro and attacks Miro with chops. Trent tries a swinging DDT and Miro stops him, tossing him with a suplex. Miro then tosses Trent into the ring post from inside the ring, and Trent connects and falls to the floor.


Miro continues the downbeat on the small screen outside the ring. We also get a little bit of Penelope Ford messing with Orange Cassidy, allowing the Dark Order to attack him until the Ref orders them to the back.

When we are back, Miro has Trent in a bear hug. Trent is able to escape and Miro punches him. Trent is able to return punches. Trent hits standing clotheslines to no avail. Miro attempts to leap onto Trent, but Trent is able to move so that Miro leaps into the turnbuckle. Trent clotheslines him down for a one count. Trent and Miro trade blows again. Miro misses a kick and Trent hits a suplex to take Miro down. Trent squares up for a knee strike and Miro grabs him and tosses him down and covers Trent for a two count.

Miro sets up for his kick and Trent dodges. Trent rolls up Miro for a two count. Miro goes out of the ring as Trent lowers the bridge and Trent hits a topi onto Miro outside the ring. They both get into the ring and Trent clotheslines Miro into the corner. Trent hits the swinging DDT but is too tired to cover. Trent hits a knee strike and covers Miro for a two count.

Trent tries the springboard from the apron but slips on the rope and Miro takes him down with a kick to the face and Miro is able to slap on the accolade until Trent taps.

Your winner: Miro

Miro slaps it on again, and Chuck Taylor comes in to break it up, followed by Kip Sabian. They toss the Best Friends outside the ring and beat them down. Miro grabs a mic and says Trent has no manners and it’s all because of his mother. Orange Cassidy hits an Orange Drop onto Miro and Sabian. The ref keeps the heels from keeping up the fight.

We go to a pretape with JR and Adam Page and his drink. Page says he’s looking forward to their match at Full Gear. JR asks Page about his strategy after putting over their tag team. Page says he knows all of Kenny Omega’s moves, and JR says he looks nervous by how he’s drinking. Page says he’s nervous. Page’s words are slurred and he says he would be the first champion, but people disagreed, and they were right. Page says he’s got himself and his whisky.

Me and my diet soda will go to commercial.

We come back to people talking about the upcoming match between FTR and the Young Bucks.

Taz comes out and reminds us that the clock is still ticking for Will Hobbs to give him an answer. Taz then shows with Team Taz and tells us what he did today. For three hours, he sat outside Tony Khan’s office before he’s told Tony didn’t have time for him. He says that that forced him to come out with a live mic. He says Brian Cage is ten and one and ranked number one. He then says Ricky Starks has won the last ten of his last eleven matches and he’s not ever ranked, which is horse hockey. Ricky says he has proven he’s great.

Taz runs down Cody and says they are getting worked. Taz says there will be a FTW presence on the PPV.

Next out is a Private Party with the man who forgot to take time off to recover, Matt Hardy. Sammy Guevara attacks Matt from behind and we’ve got to go to commercial so it’s PICTURE IN PICTURE. Matt Hardy is tended to on the small screen.

When we come back, the Young Bucks come out.

Young Bucks vs Private Party


Nick starts with Marq Quen and Nick grabs a quick two count

They run the ropes and Nick takes control

Matt tags in for a couple of seconds and then Isiah Kassidy tags in as Nick tags in.

Matt tags in and the double team Kassidy and the Bucks hit a topi onto Private Party,.

Everyone flips outside the ring and Matt sells the leg injury from two weeks ago.

Nick and Kassidy get in the ring, a few moves are hit before Quen tags in with a HUGE leap and covers Nick for a two count

Matt is tagged in and Private Party hits a series of double team moves.

Bucks are tossed outside and Private Party hits stereo topes.

Nick rolls in and gets a double suplex.

Matt tosses Kassidy off the top onto the ramp way and the Bucks take over with Matt taking down Quen

Bucks double team Quen for a two count broken up by Kassidy

Bucks maintain control on Quen with Kassidy on the floor, but as they go for a Meltzer Driver, Quen reverses the move taking both Bucks out


On the small screen, Matt sells his leg injury and he and Quen keep battling

When we come back, the Bucks are setting up to double team on Quen who is able to hit a double Hurricanrana on them.

Kassidy tags and cleans house, ending with the Bucks on the floor.

Kassidy hits a tornado over the top rope/

Nick is tossed in and Kassidy covers him for a two count.

Quen is tagged in and the Party double teams Nick and Kassidy covers for a two count

Private Party hits Gin and Juice on Nick and covers him for a two count, broken up by Matt.

Quen goes for a shooting star press, but Nick moves and Matt spears Quen.

Matt is tagged in and they set up for the Meltzer Driver.

Kassidy grabs Nick, and Quen and Matt trade roll ups

Quen catches Matt’s leg, but Nick breaks it up with a superkick.

Bucks hit the BTE on Quen and cover him for the three count.

Your winners: The Young Bucks

FTR hit the ring and took out Matt and set up to take out Matt’s other leg with a chair. They take forever to hit the move, but Adam Page and his drink run them off. Kenny Omega comes in to check on the Bucks. Page and Omega stare each other down, but end it with a fist bump. Page and Kenny have words and we go to commercial.

We come back to Tony Schiavone in the ring for Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley for a face to face, where if they touch each other, they are not allowed in the match Saturday. Tony looks great in his jacket from the waist up, and is wearing baggy jeans and deck shoes as if the show was going to be on Zoom.

Eddie is out first. Mox comes from the parking lot next. Eddie tells Tony to get out of the ring and then he says he is going to ruin Mox. He will take the tile, give it to his mom and say it’s the reason he doesn’t have a wife or child. Mox slowly takes the mic from him and says he was told to be careful when you chose your friends. He says loyalty is a bitch and he never thought he’d be burned by Eddie.

Mox talks about how he made promises to Eddie’s mom that he would look out for him. He says the loudest one in the room is the weakest and Eddie is awfully loud. He says he knows he’ll be in the ring with the champion and he is going to lose. And after 18 years, he didn’t deserve it after all. He says the thing that makes him sickest of all is that he made a promise to his mother that he can’t keep. Eddie says that Mox had better get ready to kill him and this is real. Eddie storms off, and Mox says Eddie will find out he is not the man he thought he was and he will say I quit.


We go to the Video from Pac. He says when you are isolated, you have no one to play with. He’s used the time to get stronger, faster and more obsessed. The video is filled with images of him raging or walking alone in different places.

We go to commercials.

We come back to Red Velvet in the ring and we go backstage to the Natural Nightmares who have gotten a match next week with Butcher and Blade. Dustin starts to talk, and the Bunny shows up, let’s QT know his credit cards are maxed out and they get attacked by Butcher and Blade.

Back at the ring, Nyla Rose with Vickie Guerrero comes to the ring.

Nyla Rose vs Red Velvet

Red attacks Rose immediately, leaving her reeling. Velvet is able to work over Rose in the corner until Rose is able to clothesline Velvet down. Rose tosses Velvet into the corner, and just beats her down. Rose is up and gets in a few kicks, but when she leaps off the ropes, Rose grabs her, hits a beast bomb and a two count and then pulls her up to break the count. Rose then hits Hikaru Shida’s running knee move and covers Velvet for the three count.

Your winner, Nyla Rose

Shida is shocked watching the match behind the barricade. Vickie grabs the mic and runs down Brandi, who came out with Red Velvet. Vickie then says Tony Khan is listening to her. He makes Shida accept the challenge, She taunts Shida, who grabs Vickie and Rose steps in. They trade a few blows and breaks apart when the ref comes down.

We get a video package of different people breaking down the match between Omega and Page at Fell Gear. Followed by a retrospective of their slow build to the song “Don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” which most of the 18 – 34 demo will think is a Golden Oldie.

We get a rundown of the matches announced for Full Gear. Then we get a rundown of matches for next week.

It’s now time for the latest Darby Allin video. He drives a car painted to say “The Face of TNT” into someone wearing a paper Cody match.

It’s time for our Main Event, and John Silver, Colt Cabana and Ten are on their way to the ring for the Dark Order. Meanwhile, Darby Allen is stealing Sting’s “Hanging out in the rafters” gimmick. We go to a commercial as they get into the ring.

We come back to the entrance of Cody as Jericho praises him for never going for the World Championship since losing his stipulation. Arn and his Burger Chef menu come out as well as Cody’s Partners Billy and Austin Gunn.

Dark Order (John Silver, Colt Cabana and Ten) vs Cody and the Gunn Club (Billy and Austin Gunn)

We start with Cody and Silver in the ring. I am loving John Silver’s over stressed muscleman gimmick by the way. They hook up and Silver is able to hit Cody, and Cody hits the drop down uppercut and then racks Silver before dropping him. He tags in Austin, who gets slapped into the corner. They run the ropes and Austin takes Silver down with a basement drop kick and a cover for a two count.

Billy is tagged in and looks like a damn giant next to John Silver. Silver tags in Cabana and Billy slaps on a headlock. They run the ropes and Colt hits a elbow and goes for the butt butt, but Bills grabs and slams. Him. Billy covers for a two count. Austin is tagged in and Ten is also tagged in. Colt stays in the ring and distracts the ref and Silver tries to hit Austin in the back and get a punch for his trouble. Ten is able to toss Austin with a spinebuster.


Austin is unable to tag out as he is in peril through the commercial.

Ten keeps Austin from tagging out when we come back. Colt tags in and tags Cody and when he comes back to attack Austin, Austin hits a kick to Cody’s head. Austin tags in Billy who cleans house. Billy goes for the Famouser on Ten, who shoves him off, but Billy uses the momentum to knock Cabana off the apron, comes back and hits the move on Ten. Billy covers for a two count, broken up by Silver. Cody comes in and hits a power slam on Silver and follows with an escalera on Cabana outside the ring.

Billy is double teamed by Ten and Silver and takes a cutter from Ten who covers for a two count. Silver leaps out of the ring into Cody’s arms, and Cody tosses him into the crowd. Billy is able to feed Ten a boot. Austin is tagged in and he gives the incoming Cabana with a crossroads. and hits a quick draw on Ten. He covers Ten for the three count.

Your winners, Cody and the Gunn Club.

The Dark Circle surrounds the ring, and Silver is coming to the ring with a chair, but Cassidy takes the chair from him and takes Silver out.

Cody grabs a mic and says that Darby Allen says TNT doesn’t want him as the face of the network. Cody says that’s a lie and he sold them to the company, wrestling him himself to get him into the company. He tells Darby to stop lying, and he tells Darcy he wants the title, and the problem is that he’s not the ace.