AEW Dynamite Results – October 21, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – October 21, 2020

It’s Wednesday, it’s Daily’s Place in Jacksonville Florida and it’s AEW Dynamite! Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone as our announcers and we’ve got tournament matches tonight starting with Wardlow coming to the ring. He is quickly followed by Jurassic Express seconding Jungle Boy.

Wardlow vs Jungle Boy

They lock up and Wardlow quickly shows his strength advantage with a series of slams on Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy tries a series of strikes and kicks, finally takes Wrdlow down with drop kicks on this legs. Jungle Boy is abel to get Wardlow out of the ring with a low bridge, and attempts a plancha, but is caught. E escapes to the apron and is able to escape a sereis of swipes by Wardlow. JB finally connects with a kick, but his attempt at a rana fails and Wardlow tosses him into the ring post.

JB is tossed into the ring and Wardlow gets a one count. Wardlow then starts working over JB with suplexes that look more like simple tosses. Wardlow works JB over in the corner. After a gut wrench power bomb, JB takes a two count. JB tries a comeback, but is taken down with a clothesline and a two count. As Wardlow keeps work, JB is able to block a toss from the top turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick onto Wardlow that knocks him out of the ring. Of course, this is followed by a topi.

Wardlow is back in the ring and JB comes in with a swinging DDT and a two count. As JB got to the top, Wardlow does a kip up and is able to attack JB on the top. Wardlow sets up for a superplex, but JB reverses it into a Hurrancanrana, follows with a back stabber, a top diving knee drop and a pin for a two count.

Wardlow rolls onto the entry ramp, and when JB follows, Wardlow grabs him and tosses him into the ring with an F10. Wardlow hits a second F10 and pins for a three count.

Your winner and moving on in the tournament is Wardlow.

The announcers run down the card for tonight and we get video of what happened last week when Dynamite when off the air. Eddie Kingston and the Lucha Brothers are standing over Job Moxley as refs try to break it up. Eddie explains that Mox sold out by not bringing them with him as an entertainer. Eddie talked about how he loves the sport, but he wants them to look at him. He shows the title to Mox and says he going to make him quit pro wrestling and he will pay for leaving him behind.

The announcers let us know they have been signed to an I Quit match at Full Gear. We go to commercials!

We come back to Mox explaining why he was happy for Eddie Kingston coming to AEW. Now, he doesn’t know him any more. Mox won’t apologize for the work he did to make a better life for his family. Mox is embarrassed by him complaining he didn’t submit when he passed out. Now, Eddie won’t have any excuses.

On their way to the ring is Sonny Kiss. The ring announcer gives a nearly minute long listing of his accolades before the all now mega entrance of Kenny Omega.

His dancers have brooms, so I guess it’s time for The Cleaner!

Kenny Omega vs Sonny Kiss

It was supposed to be Joey Janela in the match, but he was in contact with someone with Covid, so it’s his tag team partner, Sonny Kiss.

Kenny hits a V trigger and a one winged angel and the match is over as Kenny pins Kiss for a three count.

Your winner and moving on in the tournament, Kenny Omega!

Kenny helps Kiss up and raises their hand. Kenny hugs Kiss and leaves the ring.

Backstage, Tony Schiavone asks Orange Cassidy his thoughts on the match last week. Cassidy sometimes the calsl go your way and sometimes they don’t Tony asks Orange about the match next week, and Cassidy says he’s looking forward to Cincinnati. Tony reminds them they are Jacksonville.


We then go to footage of Cody’s limo pulling up and Arn wearing a t-shirt and old guy shorts that would make the Arn of 1986 beat the crap out of him just for the fashion statement he’s making. Dasha asks Cody what his thoughts are on the rematch next week. Cady is shocked it was signed so quickly and there might be a stipulation for their match. Cody is asked about his recent muscling up, and Cody says he needs to shift to heavyweight category.

Back at the arena, the next match is Penta El Zero M vs Rey Fenix.

But first, we get commercials for movies that won’t open in theaters and food you probably shouldn’t eat.

When we come back, Eddie Kingston is backstage for his promo laughing about Mox’s promo. He tells Pentagon and Fenix are the best to come out of Mexico, He also lets us know that Butcher and Blade have the Bunny back with them. He then says that Mox was true, and he had to turn on Mox and his ends justified his means. When he wasn’t a snake, he got nothing, but now he gets a shot in an I Quit match, and he has never quit in his life. They will have to go to a deep, dark place, and Eddie lives in that place.

Rey Fenix is out first and Penta El Zero is out next. Eddie joins the announcers for the match.

Rey Fenix vs Penta El Zero M

Rey asks for a handshake and Penta takes his time to shake his hand. They hook up, run the ropes and trade arm drags. They then try a series of moves that each are able to avoid or counter. They then trade rollups and two counts. They then challenge each other to chest slaps. They then run the ropes again, Rey leaps into a superkick and Penta covers Rey for a two count.

They battle on the apron, then onto the floor where Rey hits a tornado topi onto Penta. They go into the ring and Penta pulls the ropes causing Rey to fall from the ropes. We go to picture in picture and Penta maintains control through the ads.

When we come back, both men are laying on the floor struggling to get up. Penta rolls into the ring and Rey crawls in next. They trade blows and Penta hits a pump kick and a sling blade. He covers Rey for a two count. They fight in the corner and Rey takes Penta off the top with a head scissors that looked PAINFUL AS HELL as Rey landed on his head. Penta spikes Rey on his head and covers for a two count. Penta waits for Rey to get up and then goes for a power bomb, but Rey escapes and hits a super kick and covers Penta for a two count.

The battle in the corner again and up to the top and Rey hits a Spanish Fly on Penta and covers for a two count. Penta tells Rey to come at him, and when he does, Penta dodges out of the way and tosses Rey into the air and brings him down with a power bomb and covers for a two count. Penta snaps Rey’s arm with a hold. Rey stumbles around the ring in pain and Rey drops to his knees on the mat. Penta grabs Rey’s head, says he’s sorry and runs in for an attack and Rey hits a Destroyer and covers Penta for a three count.

Your winner and moving on to face Kenny Omega in the tournament, Rey Fenix.

It’s time for an update on the feuds the Best Friends started over the last few months. Miro and Kip Sabian are coming for revenge.

We are going to commercials.

We are going to commercials.

Alex Marvez is backstage with the John Silver and Alex Reynolds with Colt Cabana. Alex talks a bit about the tag team match. Colt talks about how he and his friends, and they correct him that they are not friends. Colt says he feels the pressure, and John Silver explains that he doesn’t even KNOW pressure yet. Silver doesn’t like him, but knows he will be the next AEW champion, they will win the tag team titles and Mr. Brodie Lee will will his TNT title back. Silver leaves, chanting for Brodie Lee.

Colt comes out to the ring first with Evil Uno, and the rest of the Dark Order is nowhere to be seen. Next to the ring is Adam Page, whose graphic states that he entered the tournament via a series of drunken voicemails

Colt Cabana vs Adam Page

They hook up and Page locks on an arm bar and Colt rolls through to break it. They hook up again and Page gets a headlock that Colt escapes. Page is able to lock on a waist lock and when he escapes, they run the ropes until Page takes him down with a blow and chops. They trade chops in the corner. The attack each other again until Page knocks Cabana down and hits a standing shooting start press for a two count. They battle again, and Page is able to clothesline off the apron, and piscata onto the floor, and Cabana is rolled in for a two count.


The battle outside the ring on the small screen.

We come back to Page and Cabana fighting in the middle fo the ring. Page is able to reverse a lift by Cabana and hits a fallaway slam. Cabana comes back with a head scissors take down of Page. They then trade fists in the middle of the ring and Cabana hits the flip, flop, and fly. Page takes Cabana down and Cabana reverses it for a two count. Cabana goes for the butt butt and Page grabs him and suplexes for a two count.

Cabana goes outside the ring and Page goes to the top and Cabana pushes him to the floor and then hits a diving splash on Page. Cabana tosses Page into the ring and goes to the top and misses a leap from the top. Page hits a power bomb and covers for a two count. Page sets up for the buckshot lariat and Cabana grabs the ropes to avoid it. Cabana sets up for Chicago Skyline and Page escapes, goes for the buckshot again and Cabana avoid it and hits his Superman pin for a two count. Page is finally able to hit the Buckshot lariat and covers Cabana for the three count and the win.

Your winner and moving on in the tournament to face Wardlow: Adam Page

The Dark Order hits the ring to help Colt Cabana up and help him out of the ring and to the back.

Sammy Guevara’s attack and feud with Matt Hardy is recapped. We then get more commercials.

When we get back, Tax is out with Team Tax and complains he hasn’t heard from Will Hobbs yet. He is also upset that Darby AllIn gets a shot at the TNT title and if Ricky Starks would have won he would ave gotten that shot if not for a fluke loss. Starks talks about hwo upset he is that Darby gets the shot and someone is gonna pay and it will be Darby AllIn.

And then it is time for the Dinner Debonair. MJF are at a table somewhere drinking wine. MJF asks for a porterhouse steak well done. Jericho asks for the same thing cooked medium well. MJF changes his steak medium. Jericho changes his to medium rare, and MJF asks for his steak rare. Jericho asks for his steak blue.

Jericho asks why they should bother to see if MJF would be in the Inner Circle.

They then break into song.

No, I’m not kidding.

I can’t write this up because I am laughing too hard. I also think I heard Jim Cornette’s head explode.

A full song and dance number with backup dancers.

They have their raw steaks delivered and are Not pleased.

We get commercials and when we come back Britt Baker with Rebel is on her way to the ring. In the ring

Britt Baker vs Kylin King

They tie up and King is able to put on an arm bar and Baker reverses the arm bar and they work the wrists until Baker flips her. Baker takes her down and hits a curb stomp on King. King gets in a few blows. Baker trips her and pins for a two count. They are up and Baker hits a slap ling into the bottom turnbuckle and keeps working her over on the apron.

Rebel tosses King into the ring. King is able to hits a kick but Baker hits a sling blade, followed by a DDYT and a fisherman’s neck breaker. Baker hits another curb stomp, asked for her glove and locks in the lockjaw. King taps out

Your winner: Britt Baker

The announcers go over the card for next week. They then go down the card for Full Gear.

We then go to a video of Steve O and Darby Allin where Darby does the body bag roll in, and he gets in a body bag and rolls off a skateboard ramp.

It’s now time for our main event. Butcher and Blade have the Bunny with them again, but Butcher doesn’t have his smock or his monocle, so I’m sad. Commercials will try to cheer me up.

When we come back it’s time for the Young Bucks to have their big entrance and FTR is at the announce desk.

The Butcher & The Blade vs. The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) vs. Private Party (Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) The winner gets a match with the champions at Full Gear.

Yes, this will be bullet points since this is going to be a major spotfest.

We start with Dark order and the Bucks working with quick tags

Blade and Butcher come in to fight with the Bucks who take them down easily.

Time for Private Party vs the Bucks and after Private Party gets in superkicks, everyone is in the ring.

It settles to Bucks vs Blade and it then become Private Party vs Dark Order

Quen gets in big dives onto the Dark Order

Butcher and Blade work with Private Party and they get to be the first guys to take a two count.

Picture in Picture has Matt Hardy fighting with Sammy Guevara outside the ring

Butcher and Blade do a comedy bit with the Dark Order on the small screen

We come back to Private Party mixing it up with the Dark Order

John Silver goes nuts and attacks EVERYONE outside the ring.

The Bucks break up a pin and get tossed out of the ring.

Private Party gets in the silly string on Reynolds and cover to get it broken up by the Bucks

Butcher and Blade get Full Death on Quen and it’s broken up by the Bucks.

Bucks finally get a tag in and Nick takes out the Dark Order with kicks

Nick leaps onto Butcher and Blade from the top

Bucks get the pile driver senton combo and it’s broken up by EVERYONE

Cassidy gets a small package on Matt for a two count

Nick cuts off every chance for Cassidy to tag out.

Bucks set up for the Meltzer Driver, but Nick is pulled off the apron. Cassidy rolls up Matt, and Matt reverses and rolls up Cassidy for the three count and the win.

Your winner: The Young Bucks

FTR go to the ring and offer beers to the Bucks, the Bucks knock them away and a masked man comes to the ring with a chair. FTR attack the Bucks and FTR gets a spike pile driver on Nick. They take the chair to Matt and put his leg into the chair. Cash leaps off the middle rope and stomps on the chair and the masked man takes off the mask and it’s Tully Blanchard.

FTR stands tall and we’re out of time!