AEW Dynamite Results – October 28, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – October 28, 2020

It’s Wednesday, it’s Daily’s Plaza, in Jacksonville, and it’s time for AEW Dynamite!

We start off with MJF and Wardlow beign interviews, and MJF states he is proud of Wardlow, but if he wins, it means MJF is the champion, because he works for MJF. Wardlow does not look like he agrees with this assessment, but he agrees. Sammy comes out and says that MJF will never join the Inner Circle and MJF asks where the hostility comes from. MJF says the attack on Hardy was nice, but he says Sammy shouldn’t do promos. He runs down Sammy and Sammy in his face.

Wardlow’s music hits and he heads to the ring.

Our announcers are Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone the show we are at the semi-finals for the World Title Tournament. Next out is Hangman Adam Page and he gets our first pyro of the night.

Wardlow vs Adam Page

Page starts quickly, attacking Wardlow with strike, but Wardlow is able to cut him off and works Page over in the corner. Page is finally able to dodge a charge and takes him off the apron and leaps onto Wardlow, but Wardlow catches him. As they fight, Page tosses Wardlow into the ringpost, and no sells it. Wardlow spears Page through the safety rail.

Wardlow returns to the ring and tells the ref to start counting. Wardlow hits a scoop slam and covers for a two count. Wardlow mounts Page and attacks, follows it up with stomps and knees to Page’s back. Wardlow picks Page up and throws him. They call it a suplex, but it was basically a toss across the ring, showing Wardlow’s strength. Wardlow goes back to the stomps and blows as Page struggles to his feet. Wardlow hits a gut wrong power bomb and covers for a two count.

Page crawls to the corner, and Wardlow gets ready for the choke slam, but Page counters with a cross arm breaker over the rope which he breaks at the four count. Wardlow brings Page into the ring the hard way and climbs to the top. Wardlow goes for a senton, but Page rolls out of the way. Page is up first and hits Wardlow with a clothesline, but the second doesn’t work. Page gets in a few more shots, and Wardlow hits a release German Suplex, and Page escapes. Page clotheslines them both out of the ring. Page hits a moonsault on Wardlow on the floor from the top turnbuckle.

Page tosses Wardlow into the ring and follows up with a running shooting star press and gets a one count. Page goes for the buckshot lariat and Wardlow catches it and drops Page, covering him f0/or a two count. Page hits a F10 and Page rolls out fo the ring before the pin. Wardlow drags him up onto the apron and then up to the top. Page is able to fight his way free and hits a release German Suplex from the top. Page sets up for the Buckshot lariat which drops Wardlow to his knees. Page hits a second, which finally fells Wardlow. Page covers and is able to get the pin and the three count.

Your winner, going on to the final at Full Gears, Adam Page

Page drinks a beer in the middle of the ring and we get a rundown of the card for tonight’s show.

We go to a video package of Jon Moxley talking about how he has worked to make the AEW title the top championship. He’s not defending the title, he’s going to weaponize it. He is going to take out Eddie Kingston. He will do what he does to everyone in AEW, take them out.

On their way to the ring is Eddie Kingston with Butcher and the Blade. BUTCHER IS WEARING HIS SMOCK!! Sadly, no monocle, so I am only half happy. We go to commercials.

Eddie Kingston vs Matt Sydal

Eddie motions for the greco roman knuckle lock and then walks away. They lock up and Kingson turns it into an overhead arm bar and slams Matt down. They lock up again and go to the corner and Matt is able to win that exchange. They lock up again and Matt takes Eddie down with hip tosses and then locks in a wrist lock. Eddie fights to his feet and gets in a few blows before Matt takes him down with a roll up and gets a two count.

Matt hits a running kick into the corner on Eddie and tries to lock on a Cobra Clutch, but Eddie fights his way out. Eddie fights free and drops an elbow on Matt and we go picture in picture. Eddie maintains control during the commercial.

When we come back, Matt had tried a comeback, but they are standing in the middle of the ring trading chops until Matt drops Eddie with kicks and covers Eddie for a two count. Eddie gets to his feet in the corner, and Matt attacks and after a push off, hits a Frankensteiner followed by a Meteora and a two count. He covers for a two count and Eddie kicks out. Matt hits Eddie with an odd looking roll up for a two, then follows with a crucifix for another two count.

Eddie is able to hit a knee and a spinning back fist on Matt when Matt comes off the ropes. Eddie locks on Mox’s bulldog choke and Matt taps.

Your winner: Eddie Kingston.

Eddie forces Matt to say I quit as Bunny holds the microphone. Eddie than says that he is sorry to Mox

Excalibur goes to his interview with the Young Bucks as well as FTR with Tully. Excalibur asks Matt how his ankle is. Matt says he’s fine and the match has been brewing for years, and Nick is trying to say that Matt is hurt. FTR is asked why would they jeopardize the match. They say they are ready to fight and whoever wins has cemented their legacy as the best tag team in the world. Excalibur says he has known the Bucks for years, and they say it’s why he has a job.

Excalibur asks about their actions lately. Matt says they aren’t proud of it, but they don’t regret it. He says that something has been brewing for the last year. FTR says tyhey aren’t needed for this interview and walk out. The Bucks say that they have more to lose than the championship. They were two poor kids from California and they bet on themselves. Matt says if they don’t win, they will never challenge for the title again.

We go to commercial with that bomb drop.

We come back to the Town Hall with MJF and the Inner Circle. Tony Schiavone and Dasha are our hosts. First out are Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle. Mjf comes to the ring with his own music but no Wardlow. MJF tussles Tony’s hair and takes his seat.

The first questions is from Luchasaurus. He asks MJF how he can contribute to the earning potential to the Inner Circle. MJF puts up a chart showing that he will cause earnings to go up.

Next question is from Britt Baker and Reba: Reba says Jericho has a great smile (obvious joke here) Baker says that MJF has a bad track record when it comes to friendships. Jericho says he’s not a dipshit like Cody, so they won’t bring him into the deeper part of the Inner Circle and if he turns onthem, Jericho will knock his teeth down his throat. MJF says he won’t betray them, and he will brign money and titles to the group.

Next is Peter Avalon, direct from Dark: He asks to join the Inner Circle. The Inner Circle laughs and says no.

The next question is from Eric B from Cody Wyoming. That’s right, Easy E, Eric Bischoff is in the building. He says he has a three prong questions. He asks what MJF can do for the Inner Circle. MJF praises his question and says “Friendship.” Eric then asks what is it the Inner Circle can do for him. MJF says he has a dent in his armor and it’s he’s not a team player, and the Inner Circle could teach him how to be. Eric says that Jericho is a Prima Donna, which Jericho objects to. Tony tells Jericho to SHUT UP. Eric goes back to his question and says that MJF is also a Prima Donna, and what if he joins the Inner Circle =,m he and Jericho would go after each other. MJF blows up that he’s being attack by everyone.

Jericho asks him to answer the question. MJF asks Jericho to answer his question. He has done everything for Jericho and the best segment in wrestling last week. He asks Jericho what he hasn’t done. Jericho says he hasn’t beaten him. But Jericho will give him a chance to do so at Full Gear. If MJF wins, he can join the Inner Circle.

MJF says he will not take this for granted and he will do whatever it takes to win. Ortiz says he and Sammy want him in the Inner Circle, and MJF doesn’t have a shot. He challenges MJF and Wardlow to a match next week.

Next up is a video package of Will Hobbs on Dark last night, and Taz says Hobbs is legit and he would work well with team Taz. The clock is ticking.

Coming to the ring at this time is Orange Cassidy on his way to the ring with Best Friends.

We go to commercial.

When we come back, Cody comes from behind a curtain on the stage and he’s got the blonde hair this week again. Arn Anderson, QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes come out to be with him and the ring is surrounded by wrestlers, and JR ays it is to keep the Dark Order away.

Cody (TNT Champion) vs Orange Cassidy in a lumberjack match

Match starts quick with Cassidy going for the Orange Punch, Cody goes for Crossroads, and Cassidy goes for the mouse trap, all of which are blocked by the other. Cassidy then looks as if he is going for the pockets and instead goes behind Cody and takes him down. Every time Cody tries to get up, Cassidy brings him back down in a headlock. They are up and go to the corner, and Cody whips Cassidy to the turnbuckle, flipping him upside down on the way.

Cody kicks the lumberjacks away and when Cody is whipped by Cassidy Evil Uno grabs Cody’s boot and Cody kicks him away. Cassidy is able to get a backslide and a two count on Cody. Cody holds Cody for the stalling vertical suplex and the Cody does push ups and finally covers Cassidy for a two count.

Arn Anderson is NOT happy about the push ups.

Cody is able to reverse a hold and get a stalling vertical suplex on Cody. Cody goes to th eoutside, followed by Cassidy and the Best Friends hug Cassidy to protect him. Cody hits a dragon screw into the ropes. Cassidy stand up and Cody strike him, and Cassidy falls onto the Best Friends, who shrug him back up. Cassidy leaps over Cody into the ring. Cody goes out of the ring, gets on the apron and tries the same thing Cassidy did, but the Best Friends drop him.

Be careful who you do the trust fall with, dear readers.

Cody goes back into the ring and Cassidy kicks him to the ropes where Trent sucker punches Cody. Cassidy hits a flying cross body. Cassidy tries for a swinging DDT, Cody counters and tries for a figure four. Cassidyt kicks Cody off and out of the ring where Uno shoves him into the ring. Cassidy hits thew swinging DDT and gets a two count. Cassidy goes to the top and goes for a spash, but Cody gets his knees up.

Everyone spills to the floor and we go to picture in picture. During the commercial, Cody works Cassidy’s leg. Cody is able to get a couple fo two counts and Cassidy sells how much the knee hurts.

When we come back, Cody and Cassidy are outside the ring and all hell has broken loose. Cody and Cassidy return to the ring and the lumberjack keep fighting. They go to the top and Cody hits a superplex outside the ring into the lumberjacks. Cassidy is rolled into the ring and Cody covers for a two count. Cody hits a Cody cutter and Cody covers for a two count. Cassidy hits the weak slaps and follows up with a superkick. Cody hits a clothesline. Cassidy hits Stundog millionaire and a diving DDT off the top. Cassidy follows with Beach Break and covers for a two count.

The Dark Order distracts the ref so that John Silver can run in for a pump kick on Cassidy. Arn Anderson also nails Cassidy with a punch from the outside. Cody tosses Silver from the ring, hits crossroads and covers Cassidy for the three.

Your winner and Still TNT Champion: Cody

Everyone comes into the ring and it’s a pier six brawl. Up in the stands, Darby Allin is watching. Billy and Austin Gunn clear the ring.

Commercial time and when we get back, Alex Marvez is in the back with the Best Friends. Miro and Kip Sabian show up, say they forgive them and give them Halloween presents. Penelope Ford says “Trick or treat” and the attack from Miro and Sabian begins.

Back in the ring, Serena Deeb,m the new women’s NWA champion is on her way to the ring. They show her from earlier today where she puts over the NWA championship and she wil show us why she deserves respect. Legit Leyla Hirsch is already in the ring.

Serena Deeb vs Leyla Hirsch for the NWA Women’s championship

They lock up and struggle to the opes and back to the middle of the ring before they break. Deeb gets a waist lock and reverse it to a front face lock. They go to the mat, and when they are up, Deeb is able to get in a strong hip toss and a roll up for a two count. Deeb takes her down with a headlock and covers for a one count. Layla is able to toss Deeb off into the ropes and takes her down with a brutalk clothesline.

Layla works over Deeb in the corner and covers for a two count. Deeb is able to get a swinging neck breaker into the ropes and rolls Layla up for a two count. Layla is able to fight off the mat with klicks and tries to lock in an arm bar on Deeb. Deeb rolls Layla onto her back for a two count before Layla breaks the hold. Layla tosses Deeb into the turnbuckle face first.

It’s time for picture in picture and during this section. Layla has control of the match, mostly doing power moves and working over Deeb’s left arm.

When we come back, Deeb is starting her comeback and Layla is able to fight back with strikes and a German Suplex. Layla goes to the top and misses a moonsault as Deeb moves. Deeb hits a swinging neck breaker, and a second move on Layla. She follows it with by grabbing the leg and cranking back until Layla taps out.

Your winner and still NWA champion, Serena Deeb.

We go to Alex Marvez in the back with Hikaru Shida and asks if Nyla Rose will get a title match, and Shida accepts at Full Gear.

Shawn Spears vs VSK

VSK looks to be a head shorter than Spears, who immediately hits a Death Valley Driver and gets the three count.

Your winner, Shawn Spears

There is a man in a bulls head in the crowd and Spears tosses him in the ring. As he gets a steel slug from Tully, the head comes off and it’s Scorpio Sky who hits Spears with a TKO. Sky faces down T8lly and the announcers run down the card for Full Gear. They then run down the card for next week’s Dynamite.

It’s time for the main event. First to the ring ids Penta El Zero Meiudo with Rey Fenix. We see the video of Eddie Kingston telling Rey to give the match to Penta due to his injury.

We go to commercial and it’s then time for Kenny Omega’s Ever Growing Introduction and the Sweepers.

That’s right, the dancing girls with brooms are back.

Kenny Omega vs Penta El Zero Meindo

Bullet point time.

They hook up and Kenny turns it into a headlock with a series of blows.

Kenny drops him and then then steps over his back.

Kenny slowly lifts his shirt and shows the AAA championship he won from Fenix and lays it on the mat, making Fenix furious on the outside.

Chops are traded.

Kenny stops Penta’s chop with a kick and stomps down Penta.

They run the turnbuckles and Penta chops Kenny when Kenny is celebrating

Penta his a backstabber on Kenny who rolls out of the ring.

Penta hits a topi onto Kenny

We go to commercial and we get picture in picture. As they fight outside the ring.

They go into the ring and Penta maintains control

They leave the ring and brawl into the crowd

Back form commercial and they are in the ring and trading chops again.

Kenny takes down Penta with a standing Hurricanrana

Kenny then hits the Terminator topi

Penta is tossed into the ring, but when Kenny tries to come in, Penta hits a roundhouse on Kenny.’

Penta follows up with a cross body onto the floor from the top turnbuckle

Kenny is rolls in and Penta misses the leap from the top as Kenny rolls out of the way

Penta hits a pump kick after Kenny misses a V Trigger, and follows up with a sling blade and a two count

Penta goes to the top and Kenny catches him.

Penta escapes and hits Kenny with a blow and a diving stomp, covering Kenny for a two count

Kenny gets the snapdragon suplex, stomps around the ring and gets a second one

Kenny tries for a third and Penta escapes and nails Kenny with chops.

Kenny stops him with a knee and a power bomb

Kenny hits a V Trigger and gets a two count.

Kenny loads up for another V Trigger and sets up for One Winged Angel, but Penta fights free

Kenny hits a V Trigger into the back of Penta’s head and Penta is slumped in the corner.

They climb the ropes and Penta tries to fight Kenny off.

They fight on the top and Kenny gets a head butt and he drop to the ramp. Penta is able to follow up with a destroyer

Penta rolls Kenny into the ring and hits the package pile driver for a two count

As they get up and Penta tries for a pump handle slam, and Kenny fights free. Kenny reverses it but Penta turns it into an insigiri

{Penta goes to follow up, but comes off the ropes into a V Trigger.

Kenny tries to lock in the one winged angel, but Penta reverses it into a arm bar, which he uses to snap Kenny’s arm

Penta grabs Kenny and Kenny fights out while selling the arm

Penta hits a kick to Kenny’s jaw

Penta leaps from the second turnbuckle into a V Trigger/.

Kenny hits the One Winged Angle and covers for a three count

Your winner and going of the finals at Full Gear: Kenny Omega

That’s the show and we’re out of time!