AEW Dynamite Results – September 30, 2020

It’s Wednesday, it’s TNT, it’s AEW and it’s time for Dynamite!

Jim Ross, Taz and Excalibur are at the announce table and Absolute Ricky Starks is on his way to the ring with the body bag used on Darby Allen.

We then get a video of it has a promo from J Peg Mafia as Darby is supposedly in a body bag sliding him down a skateboarding ramp as J Peg explains how Darby will never give up.

Back in the arena, Darby is on his way to the ring on his skateboard.

Ricky Starks vs Darby Allin

Starks slaps Allen and Allin responds with a shotgun drop kick. Starks rolls to the outside and Darby follows him to roll him back in the ring. Starks attempts a spear and Darby grabs him and puts him in a submission hold. Ricky powers out and they work to the corner. Darby grabs the wrist and does a modified monkey flip and keeps control of the wrist for a wrist lock. The get up, battle to the ropes and Darby is able to suplex Starks onto the apron outside the ropes.

Starks rolls to the floor and Darby rolls into the ring. Darby hits a Topi through the ropes. As Darby is trying to bring Starks into the ring, Brian Cage comes from the back. He is stopped by Will Hobbs and they brawl to the back.

Darby goes back to Starks, and Starks snaps Darby to the floor. They roll into the ring and Starks starts his assault on Allen. Darby attempts to turn the tide when Starks charges into the corner, and gets a boot up, but he isn’t able to follow up and Starks puts him in the single leg crab. Darby makes it to the ropes, but Starks breaks the hold before that. Starks hits a back drop and covers for a two count. Starks keeps up his attack, but his foot is hurt and he limps between moves. Darby is able to grab Starks’s hands and Starks uses it to hold him for a stomp and a two count.

Starks goes for the Rochambeau (No, not the one from South park) and Darby escapes out the back. Darby flips over Starks and is able to hit a destroyer for the two count. Darby is the first up and they trade a couple of blows, but Darby brings Starks down with an arm bar. Starks is able to change the hold to a type of butterfly hold, and Starks gets to the ropes.

Both are on their knees and trade slaps, then elbows, and they get to their feet and trade blows. Darby avoids a chop block, flips over Starks and delivers a stunner, Darby springs off the ropes for a cross body and Starks spears him midair and covers for a two count. Starks is up first with the help fo the ropes, and Starks drags Darby to the corner and puts hi up on the top turnbuckle. Starks sets up for a avalanche Rochambeau. Darby escapes, kicks Starks until he drops to the mat and Darby nails a coffin drop and covers for the three count.

Your Winner: Darby Allin

The announcers run down the card for tonight.

The lights go out and then the arena is bathed in red light. A purple light hits the stage lift of doom and Cody rises to the be bathed in a spotlights. We are bathed in ads for Taco Bell and auto insurance.

When we come back, Cody is in the ring with Dasha and he’s got something to say.

She welcomes him back and she asks how he is felling. Cody says that Al Snow told him you’ll always wrestle hurt, but never wrestled injured. Cody says he would have asked what to do if his spirit is injured. Cody says that pre pandemic everyone in the locker room would shake hands because they need each other. He says that while he was taping his game show, he could only think of being the guy who was beat in three minutes.

Cody says he heard people cutting promos about how they are The Ace, but there are only three Aces. Hikaru Shida, Jon Moxley, and Mr. Brodie Lee. Did I just hear Anthony Pires pop? Dasha asks if he accepts the dog collar match? Cody says his answer is no and he leaves the ring.

He stops on the stage and raises his head and turns around and comes back to the ring. He says no as in no regrets, no as in no looking back, he accepts for next week.

Mr. Brodie Lee and the rest of the Dark Order comes out and as they start fighting the entire locker room empties and it’s a pull apart brawl in the middle of the ring!

Brandi comes out and hits a flipping senton onto the Dark Order and Anna Jay attacks Brandi. The fight in the ring resumes and the women are pulled apart. It’s totally chaotic here! It’s pandemonium! We’ve gotta go to Tony Schiavone in the back with FTR and Tully Blanchard as the officials restore order.

Tony fills us in that there will be a 20 minute brush with greatness with SCU instead of the Best Friends. Cash explains that the Best Friends were too beat up to be a decent opponent, He says that SCU is the former world champs, so they are worthy. Tony asks Dax about the Young Bucks, and Cash says they aren’t worth it. Matt from the Young Bucks super kicks Tony and apologizes. FTR says they should have attacked them and Matt leaves with Nick.

In the back SCU is with Dasha and Scorpio Sky says they will jump back on the train, and Kazarian says FTR is playing checkers and SCU is playing chess and they will win the title back tonight.

As they go to the ring, Shawn Spears tells Scorpio Sky good luck.

They go to the ring and SCU tonight will be Scorpio Sky and Kazarian, Christopher Daniels is with them, but not wrestling, kind of like how we go to commercials, but are not AT any of the fast food places in the ads. Can you tell I am getting hungry?

When we get back, Adam Page and his drink are at the announce table with the announcers. His title card tells us he is very unprepared. Next out are FTR with Tully Blanchard.

FTR (Champions) vs SCU in a 20 minute brush with greatness.

We start with Kaz vs Dax to start. They lock up and Dax switches to a headlock. Kaz works his way out and drops Cash to the mat. They work their way up and Kaz takes Dax down with a drop toe hold. They work on the mat, changing control quickly. They run the ropes, and Kaz is able to take Dax down with two shoulder tackles, and a clothesline. Kaz tags in Sky who hits a drop kick and covers Dax for a one count.

Cash is tagged in and the match resets. They trade holds and then work on the mat. When they run the ropes, Sky hits a shoulder tackle and when Cash trips, he immediately blames Daniels who had nothing to do with it. The ref believes him and ejects Daniels. As the ref throws him out, Cash blindsides Sky and Page asks Daniels to bring him another drink. Dax is tagged in and Sky is able to avoid the FTR double teams, hits a flying cross body on Dax and covers. Cash tries to drop an elbow on Sky, but Sky moves and the elbow is dropped on Dax instead.

Sky takes both members of FTR out with kicks and then we get all four men in the ring with SCU able to toss FTR out of the ring. Kaz tries for a baseball slide, but FTR dodges. Kaz hits a kidney punch on Dax. FTR goes after him, only to be hit by a Tope over the top rope by Sky. Sky tosses Cash into the ring and covers for a two count.

On commentary, Page seems confused that Kenny Omega is going to be a singles wrestler which surprises him, he thought he was still a tag team wrestler. Page asks if Kenny has had a singles match.

Dax grabs Sky[s foot and drags him out of the ring and as Sky is stalking him, Cash is able to hit a clothesline on Sky. FTR mock him as we go to picture in picture.

On the small screen FTR works over Sky on the outside. Sky is tossed into the ring and Cash keeps working him over. Dax is tagged and in and keeps up the attack, covering Sky for a two count. Cash tags in and the beat down continues.

When we come back, Sky is seated on the middle turnbuckle and dodges a leap from Cash, who is hit right in the yam bag, according to Taz. Dax tags in and Sky fights his way out of the corner. Sky goes for his corner, is stopped by Dax, Sky is able to roll him up, but Cash has the ref distracted. Wen the ref sees it, Sky gets a two count and Cash tags in Dax. Sky hits a Russian Leg Sweep and they are struggling to get to the corner.

Sky tags out and Kaz cleans house. They end up with Kaz and Dax trade standing switches, Cash tags in, and Kaz is able to grab Cash on his way in, hits a Northern Lights Suplex while also hooking in Dax for a bridge pin and he gets a two count.

I liked that move. Looked incredibly cool.

Kaz hits a fisherman’s suplex on Cash for a two count.

Ten Minutes left.

Kaz grabs Cash, but Cash is able to tag. Dax ties to roll Kaz up, but Kaz is still standing until Cash hits a kick and Dax is able to roll Kaz up for a two count. Dax is up first and her is able to nail Kaz with a series of upper cuts. Kaz is able to get up, and he and Dax each try for a backslide. Kaz uses the momentum to kick Cash off the apron, flip over and he finally tags in Sky.

Kaz hits a back suplex on Dax and Sky uses it to cover for a two count. Dax is able to get in a forearm on Sky to knock him out of the ring. FTR double teams Kaz, who is able to recover and tries to set up to flip them both. Sky leaps in and takes out Dax with a cross body, Kaz pulls Cash down and they double pin for a two count. SCU hits double cutters on FTR and Kaz covers Dax for a two count.

Kaz is tagged in and Dax runs him into the ropes so that Cash can tag in. They double team Kaz, with a body slam and a dragon suplex with Cash covers for a two count. Cash climbs to the top and Kaz is able to shove Dax into him. Kaz climbs the turnbuckle and they fight on the top. Kaz gets face slammed into the top, and Cash sets up for a slam on him, and Dax climbs to the top to help, but Kaz is able to reverse and slam them both and Kaz covers ax. Sky runs in to keep Cash from stopping the pin, but Dax kicks out at two. Cash is able to tag in, and he shoves Kaz into his corner when Sky tags in and hits a flying cross body on Cash for a two count.

Sky rolls Cash up two more times for two counts. Cash is dropped on the ropes and Tully holds him from being pulled off, but the Ref kicked the hand away and Sky covers again for a two count. Cash crawls to the entry ramp and Sky brings him in the hard way, and Cash rolls to the apron by Tully. Sky brings him in the hard way again,. But Tully grabs Sky’s foot so that Cash lands on top and covers for a three count as Tully holds Sky’s foot to keep him from kicking out

Your winners and still champions: FTR

The announcers let us know there will be an 8 man tournament and the winner gets a title shot at Full Gear. They let us know Kenny will be in the tournament, and Page is so upset he and his drink leave.

We go to commercial and refresh our whiskey.

We come back to Private Party on their way to the ring. Matt Hardy is with them, once again NOT taking time off to heal up. Out next is Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle.

Chris Jericho vs Isiah Cassidy

Jericho pie faces Cassidy into the corner until Cassidy is able to hit Jericho from behind

Cassidy goes after Jericho with clotheslines and hip tosses, a drop toe hold and rolls Jericho up in an Oklahoma Roll for a two count.

Jericho is able to level Cassidy and then beats him up in the corner.

Jericho misses a drop kick and Cassidy catapults him out of the ring.

Cassidy slides out of the ring and flips Jericho over the barricade

Luthor doesn’t like Jericho trying to attack him and nails Jericho and tosses him back to ringside over the barricade

Cassidy uses the Inner Circle jawing with Luthor to hit a tornado over the top onto them.

Cassidy tosses Jericho back in the ring, hits a senton bomb and covers for the two count.

Cassidy takes on Jericho with blows and Jericho is able to leverage Cassidy into the air and slam him onto the mat and we go to commercial

We go picture in picture and I find out the Little Caesar’s delivers as Jericho beats down Cassidy

When we come back, Jericho hits the stalling suplex. He follows it up with continuing his beating.’

Cassidy tries to fight his way out and Hager is able to tag Cassidy while the ref is distracted

Jericho tries a bulldog and Cassidy tosses him so that he hits a bronco buster on the turnbuckle.

Cassidy hits a series of clotheslines.

He runs into Jericho in the corner, Jericho tosses him over, but Cassidy is able to land on the apron, nails Jericho and then flips forward into a stunner and covers for a two count.

They do a sequence with the ropes where Jericho sets Cassidy up, but he escapes and hits a stunner on Jericho for a two count.

Cassidy hits Jericho with shots, Jericho nails him off the ropes and goes for a lionsault and misses

Cassidy hits a lionsault for a two count.

Cassidy hits a codebreaker and covers for a two count

Cassidy goes for a springboard and Jericho hits a Judas Effect and covers Cassidy for a three count

Your winner: Chris Jericho

The inner Circle comes into the ring and Matt Hardy runs them off with a chair, so instead Jericho and Hager attack Luthor and Sir Pentico instead. The fight is broken up and we go to a pre-tape.

Kip Sabian and Miro and talking about the upcoming bachelor party. They then show their axe throwing and play video games. As they are, Billy Mitchel (from the documentary King of Kong and the world record holder of the highest Donkey Kong score) says he can help Miro set up the party.

Dasha is backstage and the Best Friends are asked where they are mentally after the last few weeks. FTR show up and mock them as being comedy relief and mid carders. Best Friends grab them, and they flinch. Orange Cassidy steps up with a microphone and calls them weenies. Then, all three of the Best Friends go to the ring and we get picture in picture for their entrance.

The Dark Order comes out and for their man 10 and when we come back, Cassidy and 10 are in the ring. Best Friends are there and some of the Dark Order is at ringside.

Orange Cassidy vs 10

10 takes Cassidy’s glasses and gives them to John Silver. Cassidy goes to take them back and 10 attacks him from behind. 10 then hits a swinging body slam and covers for a one count. 10 gives Cassidy a delayed vertical suplex and covers for a one count. 10 mocks Cassidy by putting his hands in his pocket and then gives Cassidy with a thumbs up and Cassidy rolls him up for a two count.

10 follows with a spinebuster and then kicks Cassidy off the apron with a pump kick. 10 tosses him into the barricade and rolls him into the ring. The Dark Order gives 10 a hug to mock Best Friends and Cassidy leaps onto them. Cassidy climbs the ropes to leap onto 10 in the ring, and 10 catches him. Cassidy however, converts it into a swinging DDT. Cassidy takes off his elbow pad, hits a orange crush punch and a beach blast, covering 10 for the three count.

Your winner: Orange Cassidy

We go outside Jericho’s locker room where MJF yells at the cameraman. MJF knocks and enters and he brings gifts for Jericho because of his win. He opens the package and hands out hooded jackets to everyone.

OK, everyone but Sammy.

MJF blames Wardlow for not packing it, and he says it wasn’t intentional. Sammy asks why he’s there, and Jericho cuts him off and asks the exact same question. Jericho asks him if he wants to join the Inner Circle. MJF asks if Jericho wants him to join the Inner Circle. They run the question at each other, and Jericho says it’s a classy move, a MJF move. MJF says it’s a Jericho move to notice it.

MJF and Wardlow leave and Sammy calls him a loser and Jericho says perhaps he’s not as we go to commercial.

We come back to Dr. Britt Baker with Reba on her way to the ring, and she’s at 100%. Already in the ring is Red Velvet.

Britt Baker vs Red Velvet

They trade wristlocks. Baker takes Red down and covers for a two count. Baker Baker keeps the wrist and Red is able to take her over. Baker reverses it with a head scissors and then butterflies Red with a hold, and then rolls her for a two count.

Red is able to get an arm drag, but Baker holds on and hits an arm bar on Red and holds her down. Tax keeps saying he is taking Tony’s part in praising Baker. They run the ropes and Red hits a leg lariat, followed by a Casadora and a two count. Baker reverses an arm bar and then clotheslines Red. Baker nails Red with a series of blows and then hits a butterfly suplex. He holds Red with her arm behind her back and then kicks her into the ropes.

She works over Red on the ropes. Red tries to fight her way out but instead Baker hits a a sling blade. Velvet is able to roll up Baker for a two count, and when they get up, Baker hits a kick and follows it up with a swinging fisherman’s neck breaker. Baker kicks Red and then covers her for the three count.

Your winner: Britt Baker

After the match, Baker drags Red to the middle of the ring, Reba gives her a glove and Baker puts on the lockjaw on Red.

The announcers run down the card for next week and give some info on the anniversary show.

Eddie Kingston with his arm around a ref, He has Rey Fenix and Pentagon. We, on the other hand, have commercials.

When we come back, Eddie before he gets to talking to the ref, he will break it down for the people who didn’t watch Dynamite. He goes over how he did not tap out last week, but he lost the match anyway. Eddie says that Mox called Tony Kahn and said he would face anyone Eddie chooses. Eddie then asks the ref why he rang the bell.

The ref says Eddie was unresponsive. They know each other outside the ring, but in the ring, it’s his job to protect Eddie from himself. Eddie drops the mic and Fenix and Pentagon start to circle him and…

Mox’s music hits.

He comes out of the crowd with a barbed wire bar and comes to the ring. Eddie and his friends leave the ring and Eddie asks for the music to be cut. As Eddie talks to Mox, the Butcher comes from the back behind Mox.

Jon Moxley (champion) vs Butcher

Butcher nails Mox and they trade chops. Butcher hits a side slam and starts dropping knees and punching Mox. Butcher continues the assault on picture in picture.

When we come back, Mox starts to kick his way back, but Butcher attacks his knee, which was hurt during the commercial. Butcher tries to slam Mox, who escapes out the back and is able to kick Butcher and hit a neck breaker. Mox covers for a two count and locks in the cross arm breaker. Butcher reverses it and gets a single leg crab on Mox on Mox’s bad knee. Mox is able to roll through and Butcher mounts Mox and nails him with blows. Butcher picks Mox up for a running slam and a two count.

Butcher locks in the single leg crab again. Butcher releases it and drops his own knee on Mox’s leg. Butcher keep up working on the leg/ Butcher picks him up for a power slam and Mox escapes, ad pushes him into the corner. Mox kicks at Butcher, tries to set up for the paradigm but Butcher is able to grab Mox and goes back to working on the leg.

Mox rolls through slowly and kicks his way free. Mox rolls to the apron and goes to the floor to work his leg. He is surrounded by Kingston’s crew and Butcher tries to work him over. Butcher runs at Mox and Mox dodges and tosses him into the barricade. Mox rolls into the ring, and Kingston’s crew helps Butcher get into the ring. They start trading forearms in the middle of the ring, then chops and when Mox tries to run to ropes, but his leg gives out. Butcher nails Mox with a cross body and covers for a two count.

They trade blows in the middle of the ring, Mox is able to try a German suplex on Butcher, but can’t lift him, Butcher hits a pump handle slam and covers for a two count. Butcher follows up with a leg drop. Butcher goes to the turnbuckle and Mox is able to get up, hit a kick and and superplex. Butcher recovers first and locks in on Mox’s leg again, but Mox is able to shove him into the turnbuckle. Mox is able to hit a jumping piledriver on Butcher and covers for a two count.

Mox puts Butcher on the turnbuckle for another superplex, and Butcher shoves him off. Butcher hits a cross body and covers for a two count. Butcher goes for a clothesline and grabs the arm, takes Butcher down, puts him in the bulldog choke and Butcher taps out.

Your winner and still champion: Jon Moxley

Mox and Eddie Kingston lock eyes and Mox raises his title. Kingston throws a tantrum by shoving barricades and we are out of time!!