AEW Dynamite Results – September 9, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – September 9, 2020

It’s Wednesday, we’re at Daily’s Place, Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavoneare our announcers, All Out is in the books and it’s time for AEW Dynamite!

We start with Tony Schiavone in the parking lot and Jericho and MJF show up at the same time to speak to Tony about the best match of the night. Jericho says that MJF was robbed by the ref not seeing the Paradigm Shift in his match. MJF said that it was wrong that Jericho lost matches to Orange Cassidy. They both say they expect the other to win the title soon. And, as they walk away, they each call the other a loser.

After the theme, we are in the Arena with the Lucha Brothers and Jurassic Express are already in the ring.

Lucha Brothers with Eddie Kingston in their corner vs Jurassic Express

The match starts with Jungle Boy and Ray Fenix in the ring. Fenix drives JB into the corner, causing a break. They restart and JB gets Fenix in a headlock. Fenix escapes, and JB takes him down with a kick from the corner and a Casadora. He follows up with a leaping arm drag off the ropes. Fenix follows with slaps and an arm drag from leaping onto the ropes.

Penta is tagged in, hits a drop kick on JB and then lands an assisted splash. Penta works over JB, but JB is able to escape a package piledriver and tags in Luchasaurus. They double team Penta and Luchasaurus covers Penta for a two count. Penta rolls out of the ring to regroup. When he comes back in, he slaps Luchasaurus and it’s met with a slap that knocks Penta down. This happens two more times. Penta leaps for a cross body.

Luchasaurus tags in JB, who gets a diving rana. Penta tags in Fenix, and stays in as they both get an arm drag from JB at the same time. They go out of the ring, JB leaps through the ropes to nail Fenix. JB gets up on the ropes after that move and is shoved into Fenix’s superkick on the outside by Penta. JB is tossed in and Penta covers for a two count.

Penta holds JB on the ropes and after the break, holds JB on the ropes for a kick to the leg. Fenix hits a snap mare and then holds JB by the arms and drives his knee into JB’s back. Fenix is tagged in and JB is able to avoid the double team move and tags in Luchasaurus.

Luchasaurus cleans house and and slams Fenix from the ropes onto the mat. Luchasaurus hits the standing moonsault, covers and Penta breaks it up at two. JB is tagged in and they try double team Fenix, who comes off the ropes to hit a head butt on Luchasaurus. Fenix hits a reverse driver on JB. Penta tags in and hits a sling blade on Luchasaurus and a back stabber on JB. Penta holds JB for a package pile driver and Fenix leaps from the top to stomp on JB’s back. Fenix leaps over the ropes onto Luchasaurus as Penta covers JB for a two count.

Ray leaps into a Canadian Destroyer by LB, HB covers and gets a surprise three count to win the match.

Your winners: Jurassic Express

In the ring, the Lucha Brothers start to argue and Butcher and Blade show up to help calm them down. Eddit Kingston grabs a mic and tells them to stop. He is here for them, not their little British friend. He says that there were five of them in the battle royal and they need to stop fighting with each other. He orders them to shake hands. Penta shoves Fenix instead and Eddie continues to order them to shake hands. They hug but Penta doesn’t act mollified.

Eddie says he was never eliminated from the battle royal and they should look up the rules.

We get some pictures from the main event of all out, and a run down of the matches coming up tonight.

Jake Roberts and Lance Archer are in the back and Jake says he never thought of anything but coming out the winner. They were here to drive cars, they are here to trash cars. It’s raining in the back and Mox had better get ready to get wet.

Archer says Mox has been champion for too long and he’s going to take the title from Mox because Everybody dies.

It’s time for commercials.

We’re back and Matt Hardy is out to speak. He comes to the ring and has a mic. Matt is stopped by a chant, and it is the first time we have heard a chant for ages. Matt says it’s good to have a crowd in the arena. He thanks us at home as well. He says that he suffered a scary fall at All Out. The support he’s gotten has been overwhelming and he thanks us again. He says that he will make a full recovery after he’s had a battery of tests. He says he’s not the toughest man alive, he’s the luckiest man alive and he thanks his family.

He apologizes to his family and fans for putting us through what he did Saturday. He also apologizes that the match wasn’t what he wanted it to be, but if the feud with Sammy Guevara is over because it kept getting more dangerous. He says when he’s back, he will be going for titles. He puts over the fans again and goes to the back.

I AM SO GLAD they didn’t have someone come out and attack him.

We then get a video package on the Jericho vs Orange Cassidy match.

Angelico from The Hybrid 2 comes to the ring during the package, and Orange Cassidy comes out after the package.

Angelico from TH2 vs Orange Cassidy

Cassidy walks slowly over to Jack Evans, who is up on the apron jacking his jaw at Cassidy and Angelico cheap shots him in the side of the head. Who wraps up Cassidy in a double arm bar, which Cassidy eventually escapes. Cassidy goes for the Hands in pockets, and Angelico grabs his hands and twists him into another submission hold. Cassidy escapes, and Angelico goes for a clothesline, misses. Cassidy goes for a swinging DDT and Angelico counters and puts him into a submission hold on the mat.

Cassidy gets to the rope for the break. Cassidy is whipped into the corner, and when Angelico follows up, Cassidy dodges by dropping down. Angelico goes out of the ring, Cassidy leaps onto him, they go into the ring and Cassidy hits the spinning DDT. Cassidy hits the Orange Punch (Superman punch) and covers for the three count.

Your winner: Orange Cassidy

Santana and Ortiz come out and attack Cassidy with the retractable rod and a madball. The Best Friends come out and run them off.

Chuck says the feud has to end, and next week, they should just meet them in the parking lot. Trent says don’t want an apology now, they are coming to hurt them.

The Best Friends give the people what they want by hugging with Cassidy in between them.

It’s time for more commercials.

When we get back, Alex Marvez is backstage outside the Young Bucks dressing room. He knocks on their door. They answer after the second time and give him a superkick.

So. Guess they are full heels now, right?

Tony is in the ring for Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford comes to the ring. Kip says he didn’t want “Timmy” in the ring, and if he wanted someone to be in the ring with him, it would be Jim Ross. Tony leaves and Kip says people are asking to be the best man. Kip introduces The Best Man and Puff, a large guy in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt comes out.

Kip asks what he’s doing coming out, and Puff says he was told yesterday he’s the best man. Kip says, No, I said you are the best for subscribing and plug his twitch for the 37th time.

Kips introduces the best man again and Brian Pillman Jr. comes out. Kip asks why he’s coming out. Brian says he got a text saying he was the best man. Kip says I told you that you’re the best, man. They aren’t even friends and he orders Pillman out of the ring and says he hopes his birthday sucked.

Kip introduces the Best Man again, and we see someone coming down the heel entrance way from behind. Miro (the former Rusev) comes out. He is cheered by the crowd. Miro grabs the mic and doesn’t have a Russian Accent. He talks about how he was chasing a brass ring for ten years, but you can take that brass ring and shove it up your ass.

He cuts a promo about Best recognizes Best, and cuts a quick promo.

We then go to a pre-record between Tony and Adam Page. Tony asks if Adam wants a drink and he says no.


They go over his loss at All Out. Page says his ribs hurt and he’s getting better after a humid night. Tony presses him. He says he was shocked that the crowd was quiet for the whole thirty minutes because they thought the fallout with Kenny was inevitable. Adam talks about how the Elite falling apart is all his fault. He was stupid to think FTR was like him.


Tony asks about Kenny storming out. Page says they have had a lot of problems but a lot of victories. Page says they need to climb back up to get their titles back.

We go to commercials.

When we get back, Chris Jericho and Jake Hager on their way to the ring, and Joey Janela and Sunny Kiss are already in the ring.

Chris Jericho and Jake Hager vs Joey Janela and Sunny Kiss in a no DQ match.

We start with Janela and Jericho fighting in the middle of the ring.

Jericho takes over with a low kick

Janela is able to take Jericho down with a clothesline

Janela tags in Kiss and they hit a series of double team moves on Jericho

Kiss knocks Hager off the apron

Jericho takes over with a punch to the head and then works over Kiss on the ropes.

Kiss works out and is able to knock down Jericho with a spinning kick and tags in Janela

Hager come in the ring and are taken down with stereo missile drop kicks.

Janela and Kiss leap onto Jericho and Hager.

Janela rolls Jericho into the ring, bring in a chair and nails Jericho with a chair.

Janela tries to leap off the chair into Jericho, but Jericho reverses and drops Janela on the chair.

PICTURE IN PICTURE and Jericho continues the beat down in the small screen.

Hager comes in and continues the beat down of Janela

Tables are coming out during the commercial. So we see a table being set up as Cracker Barrel is offering us a chicken pot pie.

We come back to Hager dragging Janela to his corner and Jericho is tagged in. Jericho comes with with a boot to Janela

Jenela is able to recover enough to get in some blows, and tosses Jericho into the chair in the corner.

Kiss and Hager and tagged in. Kiss is able to keep Hager under control with kicks and a two count roll up.

Kiss kicks and covers again and Jericho interrupts.

Jericho grabs a trash can and Kiss was able to kick Jericho to avoid it and Hager blindsides him

Hager puts the trash can, and when Hager tries a Hager bomb, Kiss moves the trash can into Hager face.

Jericho and Janela fight on the stage, is catapulted into Hager who drives Janela through a table.

Kiss hits a cross body on Hager and Jericho

Kiss is able to keep control with kicks and clotheslines.

Kiss goes to the top but Jericho fires a fire extinguisher into Kiss’s face.

Hager covers Kiss, who is blinded by the fire extinguisher and gets the three count.

Your winners; Jericho and Hager

Jericho grabs a mic and demands it works. He asks the crowd for some love. He says the Inner Circle had a terrible night at All Out and his boots and still full of Mimosa. He says that Jake and Jericho will build up their wins and go after the tag team championship.

In the back, MJF says that Mox cheated to win, like a coward. MJF has figured out who is to blame, and it’s the campaign that has failed. Everyone is fired. Nina is sitting there smiling. MJF is tired of his terrible teeth and she is fired as well.

And somewhere, Nina is not smiling.

Wardlow called MJF sir, and MJF runs him down. He then asks is Wardlow has a problem. He reminds Wardlow that he’s the one who signs his check, not Tony Khan. And if he doesn’t get it together, he will put Wardlow and his family out of the street. MJF said it’s time for planning.

Commercials let me get caught up.

We come back to Mox in the back that Lance Archer won the battle royal, so he says to himself Son of Bitch. It’s not getting any easier and there are no shortcuts. To be champions, you have to be ready to crawl through a mile of crap. Mox says that he feels that he is unstoppable. The only question is do you really want to bet against him?

Back at the ring, we are set up for FTR’s celebration. Tully says that FTR are the greatest tag team champions in the world. He goes over how it was 117 degrees, they fought for 30 minutes, Page and Omega fought hard to keep their title, but FTR became the best tag team in the world.

Cash says the AEW has the best tag team division in the world. He runs down SCU and Private Party. Dax says they are the locker room leaders now. He then goes after Bill Gunn and his son. They say the Jurassic Express will face them next week, but it’s not for the belts.

Jurassic Express comes to the ring. Dax and Cash escape the ring and Jurassic Express empty the Cooler of Doom onto FTR.

It’s time for commercials and a promo to let us know Dynamite is on Thursday next week.

We come back and get a package on the battle royal from All Out showing how Darby Allin was taken out by Ricky Starks and Brian Cage, because Taz is with the announcers.

Taz says that Darby Allen is here, but instead, it’s Ricky Starks as Bizarro Darby. He says he’s been injured and can’t skateboard with his friends.

He then starts a promo at Darby Allen, explaining why Darby is always alone. He’s reckless, not relentless. Next time Darby shows up, Ricky will beat his ass.

We get a video package on the Britt Baker vs Bis Swole match and a recap of the Thunder Rosa vs Hikaru Shida match from All Out.

Coming to the ring is Tay Conti, who was just signed today to AEW. Next out is Nyla Rose with Vicki Guerrero.

Tay Conti vs Nyla Rose

Rose slams Conti into the corner and then tosses her across the ring. Conti dodges a kick, runs Rose into the corner and rolls Rose up for a two count. Rose is able to wrap up Conti’s legs and pokes her in the eye. Conti escapes, goes to the corner and Rose runs into her, and follows with a toss out of the ring.

Outside the ring, Vicki nails Conti and we go to commercial and watch Rose beat down Conti on the small screen.

Conti gets in some kicks and offense, tosses Rose into the ring and leaps off the top to cover Rose for a one count. Conti is able to get an arm drag on Rose and keeps up the pressure with kicks while Rose is on her knees, but Rose is able to recover and the beat down begins.

When we get back, Conti has escaped, goes up top, hits a kick into Rose and tries for a sunset flip. But Rose grabs her and slams her to the mat. The announcers let us know the Bucks have been fined $5000 each for their attack. Conti is able to escape and puts an arm bar submission on Rose, but Rose picks her up, hits a Beast Bomb, and pins for a three count.

Your winner: Nyla Rose

Vicki screams Excuse Me and says the Vicious Vixens are here to make a statement, and Rose is picking up Conti, but Hikaru Shida comes from the back and holds Rose off with the Kendo stick.

JR goes to a pre-tape with Kenny Omega. He asks how Kenny has processed what happened. He asks if he was supposed to cry himself to sleep. Kenny said they have chemistry and magic when they were in the ring. He says he was doing what he was meant to do. He was to be the ace of the company. But he didn’t have a direction until he teamed up with Adam Page. JR asks what is next for Kenny Omega. Kenny says the tag team division is deep, so they had to dig deep to get the title. He learned that he learned things about Page he didn’t like. Kenny says he has his own plans and dreams and he’s given a year of his life to tag teams, and it’s time for him to return to singles action.

We find out the match between Mox and Archer will be on the anniversary of Dynamite. They then run down the matches for next week.

Coming to the ring at this time, Dustin Rhodes comes out the Brandi and QT Marshal as we go to commercial and his entrance is Picture in Picture

Brodie Lee (champion) vs Dustin Rhodes

Dustin nattacks Lee before the bell and they brawl outside the ring. Dustin flips Lee onto a table that doesn’t break. He then drags Lee back to the ring and slams his head on the steel steps.

The bell rings and they trade blows in the ring. Lee works over Dustin in the corner. Dustin reverses it and nails Lee with chops and then climbs up and punch Lee on the head repeatedly. Lee walks to another corner and Dustin keeps up the pressure. Lee is able to whip Dustin into the corner, and then they battle in the middle of the ring again. Lee ends the sequence by catapulting him into the middle rope and JR says he has Psycho Eyes.

Dustin is outside the ring and we go picture in picture. Lee beats up Dustin outside the ring as Snoop Dogg pushes beer. They return to the ring and Lee holds Dustin in a reverse headlock. When Dustin escapes, Lee is able to keep control.

We come back to them running the ropes and Dustin takes lee down with a leaping clothesline. Dustin then hits a drop down upper cut. Dustin hits his spinning power slam and picks yup Lee again. Lee is able to get a backdrop of Dustin. Dustin goes to the top and gets a Rana on lee and follows up with a Destroyer and a two count.

They recover, and Lee tries to lift Dustin, but he escapes out the back and hits a Cross Roads on Lee and gets a two count. Lee is able to hits a kick and a power bomb on Dustin to cover for a two count.

The match resets, and Lee misses Dustin with a kick into the corner. Dustin is able to hit a cannonball senton onto Lee outside the ring. Silver tries to interfere and after Dustin nails an unnatural kick on Lee, Dustin takes him out with a spinning power slam. Lee tires for a lariat and Dustin catches him, hits a pile driver and covers for a two count, and Lee got to the ropes in time to break the pin. They get up and trade blows in the middle of the ring.

Dustin takes Lee down with a clothesline and gets another two count. Lee si able to hit Dustin with a pair of kicks, a discus lariat and covers Dustin for a three count.

Your winner and still champion, Mr. Brodie Lee

The Dark Order comes out with QT Marshall who has been beat up. Lee doesn’t want Colt Cabana in the ring with them. They hold up Dustin for a low blow from Brodie Lee.

We go to a taped statement from Cody who says he will either go big or go home. He is going to go big and they have invented the Go Big show in Georgia, a competition like no other. Looks like a stunt show. Cody will be one of the judges on the show. So, that was Cody’s big announcement.