AEW Full Gear Results – November 7, 2020

AEW Full Gear Results – November 7, 2020

We get a thorough video breakdown of all of tonight’s major action, including Jon Moxley vs. Eddie Kingston, MJF vs. Chris Jericho, Cody, vs. Darby Allin, FTR vs. the Young Bucks, Adam Page vs. Kenny Omega and Nyla Rose vs. Hikaru Shida.

We get pre match words from MJF, obviously predicting that, at the end of tonight, he will be the newest member of the Inner Circle.

NWA Women’s World’s Championship: Serena Deeb (NWA Champion) vs Allysin Kay

Jacksonville is ready for this. Lockup, headlock by Deeb and a takedown by Kay. Another lockup, armbar by Kay into a top wristlock. Deeb counters and turns it into a hammerlock. Shoulderblock by Kay but 2 big armdrags by Deeb and gets a quick 2 count. Leglock into a surfboard for 2. Deeb is tying her, frustrating Kay. Kay with a slap, Deeb responds. Double leg takedown by Kay, she bullies the champion and hits a series of chops and stomps. Kay misses a charge and the champion with a hangman’s neckbreaker for 2. Kay with a stun gun and a clothesline for 2. Backstabber by Deeb, she counters a backdrop attempt into an octopus attempt. Kay rolls her up for 2. Neck twist by the challenger, Deeb forces her into the corner. Spinebuster by KAy for 2. Kay slaps on a rear chinlock/sleeper but Deeb rolls out. Double clothesline, both women are down. Kick to the gut/kneelift and a short arm clothesline by Deeb. Deeb with a stomp and a running tackle. Swinging neckbreaker and a hangman by Deeb for 2. Backbreaker drop by Kay and Deeb rolls out. Deb nails a dragonscrew upon re entry. Deeb with a facefirst piledriver for 2, Kay made the ropes. Serenity lock by Deeb and Kay has no choice but to tap out.

WINNER: Serena Deeb (retains championship)

And here comes Thunder Rosa, I was wondering if/when she’d confront her conqueror. The 2 exchange less than pleasant words as we go to a final preview of tonight’s card

The PPV Proper is next!

Jim Ross gets his own entrance. I always like seeing him come out the OU Fight Song.


The opening video package is excellent. The didn’t bring up Le Dinner Debonair in the MJF vs. Jericho portion. We have been notified that Tully Blanchard has been banned from ringside tonight. Don Callis has joined commentary for the opening match.

Kenny Omega vs. Hangman Adam Page (AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals)

WOW! Talk about opening the show hot. Code on Honor not ahered to as they lock up. Page with a headlock and a pair of shoulertackles. They trade brutal chops. Snap hurancanrana by Omega, Page rolls out. Omega tries a tope but Page with a running boot. Fallaway slam by the Hangman. Page with a superplex for 2. Omega rolls to the outside, Page follows. Chops on the floor by Page. Omega fires back but Page sends him into the rail twice. Omega with a moonsault off the rail for a surprise takedown.

Leg lariat by Omega for 2 upon re-entry. They fire away with chops. Omega with a fireman takedown and a moonsault for 2. Front facelock by Omega. Page fires back. Another chop by Omega. Page backdrops him over the top and nails a lariat on the apron. Omega suckered him into trying a tope, which Page misses. Tope con hillo by Omega, he’s in firm control. Page rolls in and Omega with a dropkick off the top for 2. Page elbows out of the snap dragon, chop by Omega. Both men try the One Winged Angel. Page goes for a buckshot lariat but Omega with a knee strike. Pop up powerbomb on the ramp by Page. He rolls Omega in the ring and nails another for 2. Omega hit his head hard.

Omega grabs Page’s ankle to hold him off and the 2 trade punches. Tiger Driver 98 by Omega for 2. Spinninh forearm by Page. Discus lariat by Omega. Page with a lariat and a Deadeye for 2. They’re throwing the heavy artillery out there. Page misses a buckshot lariat and rolls him up for yet. Dragon screw by Page. Page misses a buckshot again. Omega hits 2 V Triggers and nails the One Winged Angel for the pin.

WINNER: Kenny Omega

Both men are going to need some ice after this one.

Omega seems to say something respectful as he rolls out of the ring.

Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends vs. John “4” Silver

Best Friends leave ringside before the bell. Silver with a flex and Cassidy slowly puts the hands in pockets. Takedown by Cassidy into a crucifix for 2. Sloth kicks by Cassidy into a real dropkick. Bodyslam by Silver, he proceeds to rip the pockets off of Cassidy’s pants. Forearms by Silver into a big biel toss. Another big biel. Silver goes to work in the corner. Big brainbuster for 2 by Silver after countering an attempted DDT. More flexing by Silver. Cassidy hets whipped hard into the corner. Silver seems distracted by Billy and Austin Gunn in the crowd. Cassidy rolls overt he top turnbuckle and nails Silver’s head into the buckle. Cassidy with a cross body for 2. Silver with a single handed press but Cassidy with a Michinoku Driver for 2. Spinning kicks and more flexing by Silver. Silver with a rollup for 2. Stundog Millionaire by Cassidy, Pump Kick and spin doctor plex by Silver for 2. Silver misses a clothesline and an Orange Punch by Cassidy. Cassidy with a Beach Breaker for the pin.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

Best Friends return to celebrate as our commentary team wishes Tony Schiavone a happy birthday. Best Friends with a best friend hug to Cassidy, giving the people what they want.

TNT Championship: The American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes (TNT Champion) vs. Darby Allin

These 2 guys know how to make an entrance. Allin was driven in on his roof of his car, he immediately smashes his own windshield. Cody has the entirety of the Nightmare Family AND his last name back! The name got a big pop. Your referee is Mike Chioda. Staredown, lockup, Rhodes with a hammerlock, Darby escapes. Single leg takedown by Cody after a hammerlock by Allin. Allin with a slap. Cody bails and seems to want to get something under the ring. Go behind by Allin, Cody with a takedown, Allin with a crucifix for 2. Cody rolls out and gets nailed by Lope Suicida.

Back in the ring, Cody grabs a hammerlock and uses his strength to throw Allin over the top onto the ramp in the hammerlock position. Cody with a top wristlock and stomps the arm, that being his focus. Cody gets a 2 count. Cody wrings the arm on the top rope. Cody with a hip toss into a short arm scissors. Rhodes switches to the hammerlock position. Allin tries a top rope armdrag but Cody maintains wrist control and the hammerlock, Allin makes the ropes. Pushups by Cody, Arn Anderson is not happy. Cody sets up and nails a shoulderbreaker off the 2nd rope. Cody with an armbar but Allin makes the rope. Cody misses a moonsault.

Allin with a Destroyer for 2. Superkick by Cody. Allin pulls off the middle buckle and Cody falls into it after a trip. Cody nails the CrossRhodes off the top rope for 2. Darby got his arm under the rope. Spectacular move. Darby tries ot grab a sleeper but Cody takes him up the top and drops back full force. Cody is dinged up and can’t follow up. Arn Anderson is yelling at Darby to stay down. Bodyslam by Cody, followed by another, and another. Gorilla press and slam by Cody for 2. He is frustrated and takes off the weight belt. Jackknife rollup by Allin for 2. Allin with the Last Supper for 2. Stunner by Darby. Coffin Drop for 2. They trade rollups until Darby scores the pin.

WINNER: Darby Allin (New TNT champion)

Cody grabs the belt and kneels before the new champion to present the title. Arn Anderson is not happy as Taz comes out. He’s had enough with the hugging, the tears and emotion. Taz orders them out of the ring. Brian Cage and Ricky Starks jump them. Cage and Starks seem to disagree over who will take possession of the TNT belt. Outside the ring, Darby gets thrown into what looks like a light fixture. They’re about to slam Allin’s arm into the door of his car but Will Hobbs makes the save.

Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall talk about their match this Wednesday against the Butcher and the Blade. It will be a Bunkhouse Match.

AEW World Tag Team Title: FTR (AEW World Champions) vs. The Young Bucks- if the Young Bucks lose, they can never challenge for those titles again

Matt Jackson and Cash Wheeler lockup, headlock by Matt, takedown by Cash. They go back and forth with takedown attempts and Wheeler bails. Another lockup into the corner, we have a standoff. Dax tags in and slaps a headlock on Matt. Matt with an attempted hiptoss, Dax reverses. A series of back and forth ensues. Cash tags in and eats an armdrag. Nick Jackson tags in. They double team the armbar. Dax tags in and he and Nick battle in the FTR corner. Back elbow by Nick Jackson. Nick nails a series of dropkicks until Dax gets out of the way. Crazy action and I guarantee I’m missing some of the calls.

Matt goes after Dax’s hand and the Bucks get very aggressive in their corner with a series of kicks. Matt misses a moonsault and immediately rolls to the outside as he favors the bad ankle. Cash with chops and a takedown to Matt on the outside. Dax is actually getting his hand taped up. Dax tags in and nails a series of standing elbowdrops to Matt Jackson. Cash tags in. It’s bullet point time!

Indian leglock by Cash Wheeler to Matt Jackson
FTR cuts Matt off but he is able to use his bad leg to knock Dax
Cash pulls Nick Jackson out of the corner, negating Matt’s ability to tag him in.
Small package by Matt on Dax for 2
Cash misses a splash on the outside and crashes into the rail
Matt finally stops FTR’s onslaught with a DDT and makes the tag to Nick
Nick fires away and shruggs off a Dax Harwood kick. He cleans house
Wheeler rolls through a cross body, keeping Nick in his grasp. FTR nails a Hart Attack for 2.
Blind tag by Matt, she nails a misdirection spear on Cash Wheeler for 2.
FTR with a top rope Bulldog for 2. Wheeler with an immediate spear to take Nick Jackson out
Matt with a Twist of Fate and Nick with a swanton for 2 on Dax. Nice homages to the past.
Matt and Dax slug it out and Matt nails a superkick at the exact time Dax nails a right hand punch.
Clothesline by Dax, FTR with hard double knees to Matt for 2.
Nick thwarts a spike piledriver and Matt slap on the sharpshooter. TWICE, Dax makes the ropes but Referee Mike Knox somehow doesn’t force a break. Matt’s ankle gives out, forcing a break
Bucks are going hard after Dax’ injured head.
BTE Trigger for 2. Cash with the save at 2 and 99/100
Matt introduces a chair. Dax tells him nail it.
Cash powerbombs Nick through a table just before a Meltzer Driver and FTR nails a spike but Matt makes the ropes.
FTR pulls the boot off of matt and Dax slaps on an inverted figure 4
450 splash by Nick to break it up, Matt scores a 2.
Cash clears out Nick with a superkick
Cash misses a springboard 450 and Matt with a superkick on his bad foot but he scores the pin
WINNERS: The Young Bucks (New AEW World Tag Team Champions

Kenny Omega comes out to celebrate.

The Elite Deletion: Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara

A golf cart pulls up the Compound, driven by Guevara. NEO1 spots him and projects Matt Hardy. NEO1 disables the golf cart and Matt Hardy emerges with a monster truck, destroying the gold cart. Sammy hits him with a trash can for 2. Sammy with repeated trash can shots. Matt with a suplex on a leaf pile for 2. Hardy smashes Sammy’s face into a tree. Superkick by Sammy as the action moves to the front lawn. Suplex by Sammy. Sammy gets nailed with the Scepter of Memphistopholes. They move to the back yard, where there’s a Full Gear Ring set up. They make it to the ring. Side effect by Hardy for 2.

Hardy brings in a table and tells Sammy it’s over. Hardy powerbombs him through the table but the pin gets broken up by Ortiz. Private Party shows up in their truck and see the damage caused by the monster truck and rush the ring. Matt breaks out fireworks and lights up the sky. Sammy grabs fireworks and they fire Giant Roman candles at each other. Private Party is doing some pretty cool stuff to Ortiz.

Matt continues to fire the Roman Candles and Sammy starts to smoke up. Suddenly, Gangrel shows up with a wounded Hurricane Helms. They save Hurricane. guevara with a superkick to Hardy but Ace reporter gregory Helms wants an interview. Helms gets thrown into the Lake of Reincarnation, reincarnating as the Hurricane. The action goes back to the ring.

I think I need a drink.

The action spills out to the forest. Gangrel follows. Hardy calls on Skarsguard the Dilapitated Boat to shut the garage door to keep anyone from interfering. There’s ring inside the Hardy bubble. A ladder is set up. $1 says that comes into play. Sammy is hell bent on taking the ring apart. He chokes out Hardy with the ring rope and lays him on a table and nails a senton off the ladder for 2. Twist of Fate by Hardy. Spear by Hardy out of the ring and through 2 tables. Sammy is bleeding from the mouth.

Gangrel was masked and had Hurricane captured, playing off the cliffhanger of the WWE Network’s Hardy Halloween special. Gangrel revealed he was the one who captured Hurricane, When Hardy fought him off and freed him, Hurricane said it’s been two years and what the hell? Matt responded, it’s long term storytelling and besides, I had to get to AEW to just finish the story.

There’s a piano in the room. Nothing can go wrong with that. Hardy with a chair shot to the head for the pin.

WINNER: Matt Hardy

This was insanity. Pure, unadulterated insanity. Private Party shows up to throw Sammy in a trash can. Private Party and Hardy put the trash can in a pickup truck and asks Senior Benjamin to dispose of the obsolete Sammy.

Reby Hardy plays a haunting tune as Matt Celebrates with Roman Candles.

Jake Roberts and Lance Archer on the streets of Jacksonville. Basically puts all of AEW on notice. He wants to hurt someone.

Chris Jericho vs. MJF w/Wardlow- If MJF wins, he joins the Inner Circle

MJF comes out in a Chris Jericho pose with a sparkly robe. MJF with some classic posing to the crowd. Crowd is definitely behind Le Champion. Max wants a handshake but he gets a slap to the face and we’re kicking things off with a slugfest. Jericho flexes to the crowd after a shouldertackle. They trade chops. Shouldertackle by MJF. His chest already looks raw. Action spills to the outside. Jericho throws MJF into the rail and grabs the camera and films his carnage. Jericho misses a Judas Effect and nails the ringpost. MJF sends Jericho back in.

Forearm smash by Jericho and big backdrop. Jericho nails an elbow but immediately recoils due to the missed Judas Effect earlier. The Salt of the Earth scores a 2 count. Jericho tries a bulldog but MJF sends him into the turnbuckle. MJF pounds him in the corner, Jericho with an eye poke. Jericho with a big hurancanrana off the top rope for 2. Double thrust by MJF followed by an armdrag takedown. Jericho blocks an MJF climb to the top but gets sent to the mat facefirst after a superplex attempt. Snap mare by MJF. He seems frustrated. He’s slapping Jericho around and riling him up with insults.

Jericho tries to find a second wind. He nails some big chops. MJF with a takedown and a Salt of the Earth armbar. Jericho gets to his feet and slaps on the Walls of Jericho. MJF makes the ropes and tries to use Aubrey Edwards as a shield. MJF with a codebreaker and a heatseeker for 2. MJF misses a Lionsault and a codebreaker by Jericho for 2. Small package for 2 by MJF. Friedman catches Jericho’s arm during a Judas Effect attempt and tries an armbreaker. Wardlow slips MJF the Dynamite Diamond ring and he misses the punch. Jake Hager throws Floyd the bat into the ring. As Edwards’ back ins turned, MJF falls to the ground, pretending he got hit with the bat. Edwards turns around and Jericho professes that he did nothing wrong. While Jericho is distracted, MJF rolls him up for the pin.


The two exchange a post match handshake as Jericho welcomes MJF and Wardlow into the Inner Circle.

The next AEW PPV will be Revolution on February 27, 2021

Dasha Gonzalez is with Best Friends and Orange Cassidy. Kip Sabian and Miro interrupt. Kip demands an apology and slaps Cassidy. Cassidy casually walks away.

I Quit Match for the AEW World Title: Jon Moxley (AEW World Champion) vs. Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingson’s gear is a tribute to the late All Japan Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling NOAH legend Mitsuharu Misawa. He also wore a t-shirt dedicated to Tracy Smothers to the ring.

Forearm exchanges, punches and chops right off the bat. Eddie with a kick and Moxley with a takedown. Kingston bites the ear and they go back to a chopfest. Kingston with a legkick and a belly to belly suplex. Eddie to the outside and grabs a chair but Moxley with a tope suicida. They brawl on the outside. Moxley goes to work on the hand, the spinning backfist hand. They exchange on the outside. Suplex by Moxley. Chokehold by Moxley, Kingston bites the forearm to escape. Kingston sends Moxley into the railing and follows up with kicks on the ground. Kingston throws a chair into the ring and Moxley comes up bloody but wielding a barb wired baseball bat. Moxley goes to town with the bat and Kingston is bleeding from the mouth.

Moxley misses a bat swing and Kingston hits a belly to back suplex. Moxley gouges the eyes but Kingston with a choke. Eddie throws Moxley to the mat onto the bat. Two chairshots by Kingston. Kingston wraps the barb wire around his fist and pounds Moxley. Spinning backfist and Kingston applies the kimaura. Moxley bites his way out of it. Kingston sets up 2 chairs but gets suplexed on them on a reversal. Eddie hits a desperation clothesline and goes to the outside and grabs a bag.


Mox with a German and Kingston replies with a belly to back. Moxley responds with a clothesline. T Bone suplex by Kingston on to the thumbtacks. Moxley does not want to quit. Kingston stomps the groin area and pours a bottle of rubbing alcohol on Moxley’s open wounds. I’ve been a fan over 40 years and I’ve never seen that before. Bulldog choke by Kingston, Moxley makes it to his knees. Kneelift by Kingston but Moxley grabs a sleeper. Bulldog choke by Moxley, he follows up with a Paradigm Shift. Moxley wraps the barb wire around his forearm and applies the bulldog choke and Kingston quits.

WINNER: Jon Moxley (retains AEW World Title)

Moxley helps Kingston to his feet but Kingston wants none of it and walks away. Moxley celebrates. Kenny Omega comes out with a smile and reminds Moxley that he’s in line as the show goes off the air.