AEW Star Hints at Backstage Heat With The Young Bucks

Dax Harwood isn’t afraid to talk about the alleged ongoing tension between The Young Bucks and FTR backstage.

Dave Meltzer replied to a tweet on Twitter from a user who stated the following, “people who actually think the young bucks are burying FTR or are scared of them in some way are the biggest losers on wrestling twitter.”

Meltzer replied, “Actually they are people who learn from Alex Jones types and can’t read.”

Harwood expressed his displeasure with what Meltzer said by saying the following, “Dave, with all due respect, f**k off. Like, in the most respectful and loving way, I mean that. When you decide to get two sides of a story, then speak on it. Thanks dude.”

The fact that Jim Cornette and co-host Brian Last alluded to whispers backstage in AEW that Matt and Nick Jackson have been burying Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler suggests that Meltzer’s remark to “Alex Jones” is a reference to Cornette. It’s no secret that Dax and Cash didn’t have a great year in AEW in 2021, but things got better in 2022 and they started getting more attention on TV and at big events.

The friendship between FTR and Cornette is also well known. Harwood said in 2020 that they faced criticism for appearing in Cornette’s podcast. He stated, “It’s funny that you mention Jim Cornette because we did the Jim Cornette podcast and man the next day that we walked into the … actually the hotel, where all the AEW wrestlers were staying.” At the hotel, according to Wheeler, there was an awkward silence.

Harwood continued, “so awkward. They were all so mad at us because we did Jim Cornette’s podcast and that’s okay with us, we don’t care. If we make friends, we make friends and we have made a few. If they want to get mad at us because we’re trying to make AEW a better place and make it more money then we welcome that.”

Since many people believed that FTR would win the titles as part of their belt collecting gimmick/storyline, there was speculation that FTR and The Young Bucks would square off once more for the AEW World Tag Team Titles. Instead of the match taking place, Matt and Nick Jackson lost the championships to Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee.

The Bucks gave up the championships because Matt and Nick are the subject of a big storyline that does not involve the AEW World Tag Team Championship or another match against Harwood and Wheeler, according to Dave Meltzer’s report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

It appears like FTR vs. Bucks won’t happen very soon, if at all, as Hangman Adam Page and Matt and Nick have reunited on Dynamite this past Wednesday after Adam Cole and reDRagon turned against them.

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