AEW Star Misses Wednesday’s Dynamite And Rampage Taping Due To Visa Issues

Fans may have noticed that a top star in AEW’s women’s division did not appear on Wednesday’s Dynamite or on the Rampage taping for this Saturday’s show.

AEW Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter has risen through the ranks and was crowned Women’s Champion last year, while she remains paired with Britt Bakker.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio mentioned Hayter wasn’t on AEW Dynamite this week due to visa problems and had to return to England. She is expected to appear on television again shortly.

Meltzer said, “Jamie Hayter, okay, she wasn’t on the show this week. She’ll be back pretty soon. What happened is she had to return to England for visa reasons, to get her visa renewed and everything like that, which is something that happens. Like, all of the foreign talent in WWE from time to time. They might disappear for a couple of weeks every couple of years for this. It’s all worked out and it’s all fine, but I’m not sure which week she’ll be back, but she’s not there right now,” Meltzer stated.

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