AEW Star Says That He Has Signed New Five-Year Deal With The Company

AEW star Scorpio Sky recently did an interview with Mike Johnson of and here are a few highlights:

Mike Johnson: There had been a mention of you signing a new deal on television, but people weren’t sure if that was storyline or that was legitimate. So what’s the deal there?

Scorpio Sky: I did that right around the time of the Pay-Per-View [All Out]. I’m happy to be with AEW for at least five more years.

Mike Johnson: Obviously with so many MMA personalities involved with Men of the Year right now and Dan Lambert, it brings out a completely different dimension. It reinforces the idea of AEW as a sport when it comes to presentation of professional wrestling versus what other companies do. When you first heard about the pairing of yourself and Ethan with Lambert and that the MMA guys would be kind of entangled there, what was your first reaction to all of that?

Scorpio Sky: I thought it was going to be interesting. I wasn’t sure how the fit was going to go, but I feel like we’ve made it work pretty well. Dan Lambert is an incredible talker. He’s polarizing. The proof is if you look at social media any time he’s on television, you’re going to see the audience completely split down the middle. Half the people love what he’s saying, and half the people can’t stand him and don’t even want him on TV. That shows he’s doing something right. As for myself and Ethan and how we fit in, we’re both former martial artists ourselves. He’s got a Black Belt, I’ve got four MMA fights under my belt. I’ve got multiple Muay-thai competitions. I’ve got trophies sitting right next to me from some of my fights. So we’re bad asses, just like the bad asses that roll with Dan Lambert. Obviously we’re not on the level on the fighting resume of a Junior dos Santos or Jorge Masvidal, but real recognizes real, and that’s why it all fits.

Mike Johnson: So 2021 has been a weird year. The last year-and-a-half has been a very weird year, but when we got to the end of 2021 one thing that I did not expect in my bingo card of weird was Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky to end up as a tag team and for it to feel like you guys have been teaming together for like 15, 20 years. The chemistry is so good, the in-ring works so good. Why do you think that chemistry just clicked like peanut butter and jelly from the first moment?

Scorpio Sky: So it was Tony’s idea to put us together. I don’t know if he just saw something or what it was, and he just kind of pulled us together at one point and decided that this was going to be something that fit. Neither one of us really knew how it was going to fit at first, but we put our heads together and we just started talking and they just kind of threw us on camera together and it was get in where you fit in. We just flowed. It’s weird. We have this weird connection where … We didn’t even really know each other before he came to AEW. I think I may have met him one time, and we’ve become good friends. Like you said, the chemistry is undeniable. Him and I click so well. We bounce ideas off of each other. Neither one is trying to step on the other one’s toes. If he gets going in a promo or something, I know to take a step back. If I get going in a promo or something, he takes a step back. Everything is just fitting in perfectly, and I think it speaks to our success. If you look at what we’ve done in the short period of time … We got together in March … We’ve had high profile matches against Jericho, against Darby, against Sting. We’ve been consistently featured since then. It’s been an entertaining segment every time in my opinion. Again, I’m biased, but I have to give a lot of credit to Ethan Page. He’s an incredible talent. He’s unbelievable. He can be a great tag game wrestler. He can be a great singles wrestler. I think I’m the same. He and I will have success for years to come in both.