AEW Star The Blade Opens Up About Mental Health

AEW star The Blade took to Instagram this week and made a post about mental health.

The Blade talked about how he’s dealt with mental health issues all his life, and had a recent spike, but took more drastic measures to get them under control. He noted how he went to AEW executives for help, and thanked AEW’s Dr. Michael Sampson, Chief Legal Counsel Megha Parekh, and President, CEO, General Manager & Head Of Creative Tony Khan, among others.

You can read The Blade’s full post below:

“Hello, my name is Jesse Guilmette, and I struggle with anxiety, depression and confidence issues. I first noticed an extreme spike in these feelings during the pandemic, which also made me realize I’ve suffered from these issues all my life. I just didn’t recognize what they were until then. So I reached out for help from some friends and family, tried a couple therapists and thought I had it under control from self-management. Until I had another spike recently. So I took more drastic measures this time and talked to the executives at @allelitewrestling . Getting the courage to speak up to them was more difficult than it sounds, and I’d like to express a huge thank you to @docwholifts_1 , @meghalegalgirl10 , @tonyrkhan and everyone at AEW. When I’m not feeling the best, I simply remember that EVERY response I’ve received from the people I’ve opened up to has been incredibly positive and supportive.

It’s feels good to tell you this and to take off my mask. It helps to talk about my struggles instead of holding them inside, and I’m feeling more confident and comfortable around people. Thank you for listening. I’m sorry if I’ve been distant lately. I love you and I can’t wait to see you soon [red heart emoji]”