AEW Star to Andrade El Idolo: “If You Don’t Wanna Be Here Get the F**k Out”

The plan going into this coming Friday’s AEW Rampage appears to be to place a significant amount of emphasis on the possibility that Andrade El Idolo will leave the company on a permanent basis.

As was mentioned earlier, Andrade will compete against Preston Vance from The Dark Order, and the terms of the match stipulate that Vance will have to remove his mask if he loses, and Andrade will be required to leave AEW if he is defeated.

It may appear obvious to many fans that Andrade will win the match, but it is important to note that this episode of Rampage is being promoted as the two-year anniversary of Brodie Lee’s final match, which means that, in theory, Vance should win. 

Andrade has expressed that he is unhappy about not being featured as much as he had expected, and there have been rumors that he was one of the names that WWE reached out to. Reportedly, Tony Khan is not granting any releases. We’ll have to wait and see if that turns out to be the case.

Vance sent out the following tweets:

With Andrade and Vance commenting so publicly on Twitter, this could be a work to swerve the fans into speculating about Andrade’s reported unhappiness at the company.