AEW Stars Were Not Required to Attend Last Week’s Dynamite

On the most recent episode of Being The Elite on YouTube, footage from January 18th 2023 of The Young Bucks discussing Jay Briscoe’s death the previous day was shown.

In regards to that evening’s Dynamite, Nick Jackson stated the following:

“Today, it’s completely voluntary for the wrestlers to come to the show because a lot of us, we came up in the business with him, a lot of the current AEW roster. Obviously we own ROH too, so a lot of his brothers work in our locker room. So it will be good to see all the close wrestlers that were buddies with him. But it’s a tough day. It’s weird, I was telling Matt [that] this hurts more than my own family dying, and I’ve had, in the last two years, quite a few family members, grandparents, uncles…”

Matt also said the following:

“I remember when we first started AEW, we told him, we wanted to start the tag division, we said, ‘We need the Lucha Brothers, and we need the Briscoe brothers. We need those sets of brothers. We want the three best brother tag teams in the world, and they were one of our first teams we tried to hire. We couldn’t get it done. But I’m so glad they got to have their little final run in ROH, and he got to, as far as wrestling goes, go out in style. Wresting just seems so silly right now, all things considered. I just wish he was still here with his kids.”

You can check out the complete episode below:

(h/t to Colin Tessier for the transcription)