AEW’s Annual All Out Event Confirmed For One Week After All In

Earlier this month, Tony Khan made the big announcement that AEW will make its United Kingdom debut on August 27 for AEW All In from London, UK.

One immediate question arose, what does this mean for AEW’s annual All Out pay-per-view event? AEW’s All Out event typically takes place on Labor Day weekend, which is just one week after AEW’s All In event that is being held in London’s Wembley Stadium.

We have now learned that the All Out event is still set to take place on Labor Day Weekend. While a date has been locked down, the current location on where the event will take place is still uncertain.

As previously reported, in an interview on the A2theK Wrestling Show Podcast, AEW Senior VP & Chief Legal Officer Megha Parekh, confirmed that the annual All Out pay-per-view  is currently scheduled for the week after All In

Ms Parekh stated, “London, it’s been a while since I’ve spent any meaningful time there ‘cause of COVID, and so I’m excited just to go back. We’ll have to come back here for All Out the week after, but it should be really fun. I’m most excited to see a wrestling ring in the middle of Wembley Stadium.”

One question was answered, however one more question comes to mind. Being AEW plans to run both shows one week apart, does that mean they will both be pay-per-view events? Hopefully more information will be provided about both shows in the near future by Tony Khan and AEW.