AJ Styles Comments On Which Superstars He Sees Potential In

In an interview with itnwwe.com, AJ Styles was asked about which three wrestlers he sees the most potential in:

“Riddle as we call him now. He’s definitely a talent that you need to watch in the future. He’s gonna be a huge star. Keith Lee is another one of those guys who’s just super powerful and can do things that a big man shouldn’t be able to do. Number three, that’s a tough one. who was the number three guy? it makes me wonder if it’s a guy that could be at NXT or is not yet blossomed yet and shown his true potential. I’m not sure who that is. so the number three, we’re gonna give a question mark.”

Styles also commented on the Boneyard match against The Undertaker:

It was amazing. I never thought I had the opportunity to face the Undertaker. And now to say that I was the I was last match… it’s pretty unbelievable. And it was a great opportunity for me and I am honored to be his last match.”