AJPW Superstar Kento Miyahara Declares War On Pro Wrestling NOAH

The war between All Japan Pro-Wrestling and Pro Wrestling NOAH is now in full swing.

At the March 14th AJPW Dream Power Series 2023 event, AJPW superstar Kento Miyahara defeated Pro Wrestling NOAH star Yoshiki Inamura at Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo.

After the match, Kento Miyahara declared war on Pro Wrestling NOAH and challenged the promotion to a match at the March 21st AJPW Dream Power Series event.

Miyahara was joined in the ring by AJPW’s Ryo Inoue and Yuma Anzai then he issued a challenge to Pro Wrestling NOAH to send three wrestlers to face them on March 21st. Miyahara said one of them must be Masa Kitamiya, whom he called by his real name Mitsuhiro Kitamiya.

Miyahara and Kitamiya got into a verbal confrontation at Keiji Mutoh’s last match event to which Miyahara has demanded an apology. Kitamiya has refused to apologize.

There has been no confirmation as of this writing who the three Pro Wrestling NOAH stars will be sent to face Miyahara, Inoue and Anzai.

This will be the second AJPW Vs NOAH match for the March 21st AJPW Dream Power Series event as the current AJPW World Tag Team Championship is on the line as the champions Yuma Aoyagi and Nagoya Nomura will defend against NOAH’s Kenoh and Manabu Soya.