Alan Angels Believes It’s A Perfect Time For The TNA Rebranding

TNA/IMPACT Wrestling star Alan Angels recently spoke with Fightful on a number of topics including how he got to watch the 2007 Bound For Glory Event as a kid and how being able to call himself a TNA wrestler is super cool.

Angels said, “I actually went to TNA Bound For Glory in 2007.”

“My dad worked with AJ Styles’ aunt, who gave us free tickets. Yeah, it’s kind of a weird story. It’s awesome. Like I said, I watched TNA when I was a kid and to say I’m a TNA wrestler is super cool, a TNA X- Division star. All the women are super excited that they’re TNA Knockouts.”

“I think that’s really cool. I’m really excited and I think it’s the perfect time for them to do the rebranding because IMPACT has built itself up over the last year or so—you know, ever since I got there the stock has been going up. I don’t know if you noticed. They’ve made a name on their own without the TNA logo and now that IMPACT has that momentum behind it and is changing the brand, I think it’s the perfect time to do it.”