Alberto Del Rio’s New Ring Name Revealed, Latest On Him Possibly Wrestling On Sunday, More

Alberto Del Rio held a press conference in Mexico yesterday with AAA President Joaquin Roldan.

Del Rio said he would no longer be using that name because WWE owns it. His new ring name is El Patron. He would not talk about his WWE departure due to legal reasons but said he would in a few weeks.

Del Rip acknowledged he can’t wrestle in AAA for 90 days but his lawyers are working on making it to where he can wrestle at TripleMania on Sunday. Del Rio has challenged El Texano Jr. for the AAA Mega Heavyweight Title.

Del Rio was asked about Rey Mysterio and said he doesn’t know Rey’s situation. Roldan said Rey is under contract to WWE and as long as that’s the case, AAA cannot talk to him. He added that AAA would be open to bringing Rey in when his WWE deal expires.