Alberto El Patron Reacts To Paige Returning To WWE Television

Alberto El Patron participated in media conference call on Wednesday. Here are the highlights (transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc):

On Paige’s return to WWE television:

“It’s fantastic, it was just about time. I used to say this all the time, people forget that she had neck surgery, screws behind her neck,” El Patron said. “That’s the reason why she was out of the business and it takes time to recover from something like that and then she started working really hard for her big comeback, and now she’s there. She’s doing what she has been doing since the beginning of her career in WWE. She’s killing it, she’s doing a fantastic job. I said it before and I’ll say it again, she has all the potential to be the most successful Diva of all time. We have to give her time.”

On his return at Bound for Glory and controversial promo:

“Part of it was the storyline, part of it was completely real. Everybody knows about the suspension,” he said. “The company and I talked about this and we decided it was the right thing to do at the moment because when the whole drama happened, we didn’t have the right evidence to prove to the audience, the sponsors, the TV networks that I didn’t do absolutely anything. So, in order to protect the company, the wrestlers in the company and all the people working for it, we decided to do that.”