Aleister Black & Zelina Vega Premiere New Youtube Channel

WWE RAW Superstars Zelina Vega and Aleister Black have launched their personal YouTube channel. Their first video can be seen above, which is the teaser trailer for the channel.

The new “From A to Z: Aleister to Zelina” channel will take a look at the real-life couple doing what they do when they’re not working for WWE, but you can likely expect to see some behind-the-scenes shots from work as well. It was noted that Black and Vega are planning to release new YouTube videos on Monday, and sometimes Saturday.

Vega just started pushing the channel today, but it was created on Saturday. They currently have 966 subscribers as of this writing. The description for the channel teaser trailer looks like this:

Our first video! Here is an example of what you can expect, anything from A to Z. Aleister to Zelina and everything in between. You’ll see us practicing social distancing, getting tattoos, going to comic book shops, gaming, rage quits, playing with our 6 cats etc! *IF THERE IS ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE: LEAVE A COMMENT IN THE COMMENT SECTION. I promise we see them all and will take them into consideration. We want to make this fun so don’t be shy.

***NEW VIDEO EVERY MONDAY*** and sometimes Saturday.

Zelina: @zelina_vegawwe (both IG & Twitter)
Aleister: @WWEAleister (Twitter) @Aleister_Black (IG)
Cats: @team_pomato

Thank you guys for watching! Hope you enjoyed! We are WWE Superstars Aleister Black, a stoic man of little words from Amsterdam and Zelina Vega, a hot headed Puerto Rican girl from Queens New York, but we are also proud cat parents, nerds who love comic books and rage at video games. Come along for the ride!

Vega also commented on the new channel in a tweet she made this afternoon.

She wrote, “It’s up! Officially! Our first @YouTube video! On our newwww channel! If you guys have suggestions, ideas or things you would like to see, leave a comment in the comment section! I promise, we see them ALL! Excited [smiling face emoji]”

Black has not commented on the channel as of this writing. You can see Zelina’s full tweet below: