Alexa Bliss Comments On Her Favorite Match From Her Career

Alexa Bliss revealed on Twitter that the favorite match of her career was the 2017 Survivor Series match against Charlotte Flair. While celebrating 5 years of the Women’s Revolution this week, Flair posted a photo of she and Bliss backstage with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon after that Survivor Series match, and Bliss responded.

“My favorite match of my career #SurvivorSeries thank you Charlotte [heart emoji],” Bliss wrote.

Flair wrote back and said she’s looking forward to another battle with Bliss. “Can’t wait to do it again woman [heart emoji],” Flair responded.

The 2017 Survivor Series pay-per-view saw then-SmackDown Women’s Champion Flair defeat then-RAW Women’s Champion Bliss by submission in a non-title match that went around 15 minutes.