Alexa Bliss Opens Up About Being Bullied As A Kid

During an appearance on Booker T’s podcast, Alexa Bliss talked about being bullied when she was a kid:

“I was bullied growing up. I ended up switching schools because I got jumped. The day before Christmas break, I was walking down the hall with my boyfriend and I got punched in the back of my head and jumped. It was because this girl wanted to be part of this little group and they told her she had to jump someone. I was an easy target. I remember that Christmas I couldn’t really see anything because my eyes were swollen shut. I still have a scar from an acrylic fingernail going into my arm and getting lodged in there. It made me switch schools. After I switched schools, I started standing up for myself more. The Alexa Bliss persona is basically every girl I went to high school with. I’ve actually had, because of the persona and the character I portrayed, kids were afraid to come up to me. When I was at the top of my game as champion, I was at my meanest in the ring. It shows that we do such a good job portraying these characters, but also at the other end of it, when I had the storyline with Nia Jax, that was very near and dear to my heart. It was about body shaming. It was about bullying. It was something we both went through situations like this. We talked about it and said we are going to make this as real as possible. We sat down and she would tell me what triggers her to feel real emotion. I would tell her what triggers me to feel real emotion. People do look up to us. People look at us as role models and our characters and personas and they want us to be relatable. When we told that story, it showed that the bullies never win. No matter how evil and condescending and mean you can be, if someone is getting bullied, it shows the bullies never win.”