All Elite Wrestling Bringing In Major Star For TV Debut?

There was a reference to CM Punk in the latest edition of AEW’s Road to Double or Nothing.

Dave Meltzer of discussed the mention and talked about how the promotion could be bringing in a major name for the television launch:

“There was a mention of CM Punk, so that’ll get people talking. You know when they do their first TV, okay? Don’t you think they’re looking for their ‘Lex Luger moment?’ I gotta think that they’ll do anything to get their Lex Luger moment on their first TV.”

“I mean there’s always Bill Goldberg as far as somebody’s who’s out there. There’s not a lot of options. You know Bill Goldberg, I mean he would do it I supposed, but I don’t know what that would really mean. Okay you do it, but it’s not like he would really fit in. Although you could use him as an attraction, I don’t think that is what they’re going for is Bill Goldberg because that’s bringing back somebody from the past.”