All-Star Independent Card Set For This Sunday

An all-star independent wrestling card is set for June 23rd at the S&T Bank Arena in Indiana, Pennsylvania, a region northwest of Pittsburgh. The Allied Powers Wrestling Federation, a group that hosted events in various areas several years ago, looks to bring professional wrestling back to Indiana county with its “Evolution” card, headlined by a National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight championship defense when Ethan Carter III puts the title on the line against the stellar challenger, “Big Time” Bill Collier, a longtime veteran that is regarded by many as one of the best unsigned talents in the entire country.

Collier could have a career-defining night if he can unseat the NWA champion and add the prestigious gold to his extensive list of accomplishments.

The man behind this new incarnation of the Allied Powers Wrestling Federation is Ken Brewer, affectionately known as “Bad Bubba” Brewer during his wrestling days.

“I met Chris Lash, who founded the APWF based out of Punxsutawney, PA, I’ve been either booker, president, or owner of the APWF since 1998. I worked with Chris Lash when we took the APWF to Florida to run, too,” said Brewer.

In many ways, Brewer’s personal story reflects what he’s trying to put together with the launch of this new chapter of the organization, he wants to allow the fans to be thrilled with live pro matches that are affordable for families to attend, and he plans to give the talented stars that he assembled on his roster a platform to showcase their skills inside the squared circle. Brewer was inspired in a similar fashion when he saw the red and yellow of Hulk Hogan in the heyday of the 80s, and decided he wanted to pursue his own path inside the ring ropes to emulate his wrestling hero.

Bubba Brewer fondly looks back on those days, both as an aspiring hopeful that started in the business and as the youngster that dreamed of climbing inside the ropes one day. For Bubba, memories were that will last a lifetime were made because of pro wrestling. He hopes he can provide the same opportunity to others with the new APWF.

“The biggest reason I got back into promoting a show, was giving Team Tap Out, my last tag team champions, one last match. No other promoter wanted to do this and give them a Hollywood-type ending. This time around, nothing against the people that I worked with before, but the staff that I have now are team-oriented and their agenda is making this company something that people can talk a bout in a positive manner,” Brewer explained.

Ironically, after he broke into the business under the guidance of TC Reynolds, he competed against some of the same foes as The Hulkster that inspired him to become a pro wrestler.

“When I wrestled in the APWF, I worked a lot of big names, but my match against King Kong Bundy garnered local media attention in my area. Working Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Nikolai Volkoff in the very building that I’m bringing the APWF is coming full circle for me,” commented Bubba.

Bubba spent the better part of two decades as a wrestler, but cited age and injuries as why he had to hang up the boots.

Still, Bubba Brewer, particularly in recent years, remains of of the most familiar faces on the independent scene. After years of going up and down the roads of the east coast and the mid-west as a wrestler, Bubba’s passion for the sport still remains. He can be quietly spotted at an independent card on a regular basis, as he gets a level of excitement just from seeing the next generation of talent. Despite his status and respect in the industry, he refuses any complimentary tickets, he puts his hard-earned money down just like any other dedicated fan because he knows the support for the promotion allow the sport to continue to be a staple of the area.

“I’ve been doing podcasting since 2018 with my shows, The Triple B Experience and The Steelers Dynasty Podcast. I have those platforms to also promote the company and the shows. I will have an open door policy, no matter who or where you wrestle, I want to work with all the promotions in the area. I’m hoping this time around the APWF can build a positive aura in the area,” Brewer commented.

An unapologetic Yinzer, Ken Brewer brings his enthusiasm for football and pro wrestling to the regular audience of his previously mentioned podcasts. His mindset to bring together the best talent from the myriad of organizations around the region created a format for the Evolution card this Sunday.

Among the stacked line up, the Fight Underground title, a belt that can be defended in any organization regardless of the sanctioning group, will be on the line when “The Rev” Ron Hunt defends against “The Writing on The Wall” Christian Noir. Local legend, T. Rantula, who competed against names like Mick Foley and New Jack in a career that spans thirty years, will square of with Tyler Brooks. Cowpoke Paul, a staple of Ryse Wrestlinf, will step into the ring with Zach Nystrom. The previously mentioned Team Tap Out are set to compete against Imagine Wrestling’s The Rad Boyz. “The Big Boss” Glenn Spectre, Spencer Slade, and others will also compete on the highly-anticipated card. Of course, as mentioned, the National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight championship will be on the line in the main event when Carter defends against Collier.

“The APWF is putting together something special, there are such a great group of talented wrestlers from all different place that are going to be on this card,” said Dean Radford, a twenty-year veteran of the ring that is also the co-head trainer of The Stronghold, the Ryse Wrestling training Academy,

There was a lot of meticulous planning that went into the formation of the new APWF concept and Bubba looks to make the organization a special event for different areas around the region. He already has live events scheduled for Johnstown, PA in August and October later this year. He also stated that he wants to look at the potential for events in other areas next year.

“My goal for this company is to be a positive force in wrestling and the APWF will work in making this area a great area to watch wrestling. I still have my crazy dream of all the companies coming together to have a yearly super show card, I can dream,” concluded Brewer.

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