Amanda Huber & AEW React To Fake Social Media Accounts For Amanda and Brodie Jr.

AEW and Amanda Huber, the wife of Brodie Lee, are warning fans after someone fooled fans other people with fake accounts of Amanda and Brodie Lee Jr. overnight.

The fake Brodie Jr. account was created back in July, which led to some fans wondering if it was legitimate. Both of the fake accounts have since been deleted, and confirmed to be fake from the real Amanda, and AEW.

AEW warned, “If there is ever an “official / real” account for anyone associated with @AEW it would be promoted and followed by AEW. Beware of individuals pretending to be members of the Huber family.”

Amanda took to her Instagram Story and commented on a screenshot of the fake Brodie Jr. account, confirming her son has no social media accounts.

“Brodie has no social media accounts. This is so weird and just gross,” she wrote.

She then commented on another screenshot of the impostor sharing a photo of Brodie Jr. and his mother.

“Never in his life has Brodie called me ‘mommy’ and it’s bizarre to read. Please, if you feel yourself creating a fake account for an 8 year old for attention, please go to therapy and get the help you need. I’m serious. Therapy is amazing and world changing. It’s changed my life personally. Also… this isn’t ok,” she wrote.

Amanda then reacted to a fake account reporting the the fake Brodie Jr. account.

“A fake account pretending to be me is reporting the fake account of someone pretending to be my 8 year old….. what? I have Twitter but I hardly use it and it’s been private for YEARS,” she wrote.

Stu Grayson also warned fans before the impostor was deleted, writing, “Do not follow this account it’s a fake. Unfortunately it seems like people can’t stop themselves from being assholes.”

Jon Huber passed away one week ago at the age of 41 due to a non-COVID-19 lung issue.

You can see the posts from AEW and Grayson below, along with screenshots of Amanda’s posts: