And The Next WWE Universal Champion – Cody Rhodes

With WrestleMania Backlash coming to an end, who is better to have defeat Roman Reigns then the newest edition to WWE, The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes.

Cody has now beaten Seth Rollins twice. I know Drew McIntire and Roman are currently in a feud. And this feud is a significant one. But do you really think Drew is going to be the one to de-throne Roman? Maybe. I mean this could happen and would be a viable option.

Honestly, Drew is a formidable foe. He is a good champion and could definitely carry the strap again. He is very talented and popular as well, but there is only one current problem, Cody is in the WWE now.

You have the former face of AEW literally on the WWE payroll. There is no way that Vince isn’t going to capitalize on that. Tony Khan literally built the company with Cody at the forefront of it. Plus the angles are endless. Cody is new again. Everything you do with him is fresh to the WWE Universe.

Later, there could even potentially be a feud with Drew. A Triple threat? Why not! This is what I mean, you can do a lot with Cody right now.

Only time will tell the direction that he will go. But I definitely see value in eventually putting him against Roman and making Cody the new face of the WWE, at least for a while.