Andrade El Idolo’s Pectoral Tear Described as “Bad,” and Expected to Be “Out for a While”

(Photo Credit: AEW)

Ric Flair and Conrad Thompson discussed Hulk Hogan’s professional wrestling career on the most recent episode of the “To Be The Man” podcast.

In addition, Flair discussed some recent events in the world of wrestling. When asked what he would like to see Andrade El Idolo accomplish in AEW once he has fully recovered from pectoral surgery, Flair responded:

“I like the stuff with Matt Hardy, but I don’t think that they use him properly, myself, but I’m going to be, obviously, biased. I think he’s a much better singles performer than he is in tag matches. It’s to be determined. I know that’s a very sensitive tear. It was a bad tear, so he’s going to be out for a while with it.”

Ric Flair has stated that he believes Sasha Banks will work for WWE if she does decide to compete again in the future:

“I’ve talked to her a couple of times. Ashley and Sasha, it doesn’t get any better than when the two of them work. There’s not a better female match ever, anywhere, anytime. I don’t have a problem saying this. They are the two premier female wrestlers that I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

You can listen to the complete podcast below:

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