Angel Garza NXT Status Update Post-RAW

As noted, last night’s WWE RAW saw WWE NXT Superstar Angel Garza make his debut. The storyline was that Zelina Vega brought Garza to the show to confront his cousin Humberto Carrillo, one week after Carrillo put WWE United States Champion Andrade out of action with the DDT on the concrete. Garza ended up attacking Carrillo until Rey Mysterio saved him from a concrete DDT. Rey vs. Garza then ended in a DQ after Rey was also dropped on the exposed concrete at ringside.

In an update, Garza still is a member of the NXT roster. It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the idea behind Garza on RAW is that he’s still a NXT talent, but he’s on RAW because Andrade violated the WWE Wellness Policy and is out for 30 days, and WWE needed something strong to keep the feud going.

It’s always possible that Garza remains on the main roster, perhaps in a stable with Vega and Andrade when he returns, but there’s no word yet on if that has been discussed.

On a related note, it looks like Mysterio will also have to be out of action for several weeks. The storyline is that Andrade is out for several weeks due to the concrete DDT he took from Carrillo last week. Rey took that same move from Garza last night. Dave Meltzer speculated on WOR that Rey could be going on vacation, but that hasn’t been confirmed. Andrade will be eligible to return at the end of this month.