Anonymous WWE Star Addresses Viral Video Of Maxxine Dupri Getting Booed At Live Event

As previously reported, a video of Maxxine Dupri being booed during a WWE live event went viral on Twitter/X.

Several wrestlers, including Rhea Ripley and Zelina Vega, came to Maxxine’s defense.

In the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer of included comments from an anonymous WWE wrestler. The wrestler believes the video, “put more focus on Maxxine’s being put out there on live WWE house shows without being ready.”

Meltzer stated, “They [the wrestler] noted the video shined a light on her being put on shows without the experience one expects for WWE house show performers. Aside from Battle Royals, she has only had ten matches in her entire career. But the star noted fans should have the right to cheer and boo who they want to cheer and boo, and chant as long as you don’t cross a line into being tasteless.”

Maxxine’s first comments since the video went viral were “shades on, haters out ?” via Instagram.