Austin Interview: Hosting Raw, Undertaker-Lesnar, The Rock

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin appeared on the Wresting Voice podcast this week and spoke about a number of topics. Here are some highlights of what Austin said about:

Hosting RAW In December: “I heard those rumors. I started hearing them last night and I started hearing them this morning on the computer. Man, I haven’t heard anything about that. I’m getting ready to leave to film a movie in a week. When I get done with that, I’ll be in Texas. Then, I’m coming back to work on another movie. If I’m supposed to be in Albany in December, I was figuring to be in Texas. Nobody has told me anything.”

The Rock’s Movie Career: “I think I’m about as separated from wrestling as I can get. It seems like I’ve been away forever. I’ll make an appearance every now and then to promote something on Raw, but I think I’m about as far as away from it as I can get. That said, I love the wrestling business and I love my fans, but I’m not in the mix anymore.”

Undertaker & Lesnar’s Confrontation: “It looked like they were attempting something,” he said. “My opinion, when I look at the UFC and WWE, trying to mix those two is like oil and water. I don’t see anything happening out of it.”