Austin Theory Reacts To Spot With Kevin Owens And Randy Orton That Was Criticized By WWE Fans

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Kevin Owens stunned Austin Theory on this week’s edition of WWE SmackDown. Theory then jumped into the air and was struck with an RKO.

The spot was criticized online for its incorrect timing.

Twitter/X user @luisrha wrote that Theory “is usually a good seller but this was rough” while @cm_slagle wrote that it was “too much of an obvious jump.”

Theory commented on the spot in a video that was shared to his Twitter/X account:

“What do you mean what happened? I mean, the Stunner, I was dizzy, but then the RKO… I keep getting hit with these RKOs, so what did I think? Maybe I was a little dizzy, but, I thought I could just jump over it after the Stunner, but that didn’t work out.”