Austin Theory Wins the WWE United States Championship at Survivor Series (Video)

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Your new WWE United States Champion is Austin Theory.

Theory won the WWE United States Title in a Triple Threat match against Bobby Lashley and the former champion, Seth Rollins, at Saturday night’s WWE Survivor Series Premium Live Event.

The following is a summary of the finish from our detailed recap: “Theory tossed Rollins out of the ring after he missed a Phoenix SPlash before knocking Lashley down with a rolling blockbuster. Theory countered Lashley’s Hurt Lock into a pinfall, but Rollins broke it with a frog splash out-of-nowhere. Rollins and Theory exchanged elbow strikes, until Lashley caught both men in one Hurt Lock. Lashley missed a Spar and hit the post, allowing Rollins to take both men down with elbow strikes. Rollins nailed Lashley with a Curb Stomp off of Theory’s back, but Theory stopped him from making the pin. Rollins superplexed Theory, but Lashley Speared him before he could hit the Falcon Arrow, making Theory land on top of Rollins and pick up the win.”

Theory is in his second reign as champion. On the October 10 RAW, Rollins began his second reign with the strap by defeating Lashley. Rollins was the champion for 46 days.

Click here for Survivor Series results. Several highlights of the title change from the TD Garden in Boston, MA are included below: