Backstage Details On The Revival Requesting Their WWE Release

Could The Revival soon be leaving WWE?

Sean Ross Sapp of, who reports a lot of backstage WWE news, posted a cryptic tweet on Wednesday, an image of Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder with a caption reading “Top Guys Out.” This naturally led to speculation that the duo is leaving WWE.

In the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reports that Dawson and Wilder requested their release immediately after beating Kalisto and Gran Metalik on Raw last Monday.

“The Revival, after their win over Kalisto & Metalik on the 1/13 Raw, while still in their gear, asked for their release. As of press time they haven’t been given their release. The word we got is that nobody who asks for their release right now is expected to be given it for obvious reasons,” Meltzer wrote.

According to Sapp, there are several people in WWE who are “fearful” that Dawson and Wilder are “finishing up” with the company. Sapp, however, says they didn’t outright request to be released. Rather, “a situation unfolded” at Raw that may lead to them leaving WWE.

“I’m careful to make sure not to say they outright asked for their releases, as I wasn’t told explicitly that’s what happened. Instead, I was told “has reason to be very fearful that The Revival are done or finishing up with the company” after a situation unfolded at WWE Raw,” Sapp wrote.

He then tweeted the following to clarify his initial report.

WWE sources indicated to Sapp that The Revival were “in line for a push,” but specified that changes on a weekly basis.