Backstage Latest On AJ Styles, Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson Coming To WWE, TNA Approaches Styles

– As reported, ROH has announced that AJ Styles will make his final appearance for them on Saturday night in the Atlanta area, the night before WWE’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view in nearby Orlando, Florida. There’s been a lot of speculation about AJ being in the WWE Royal Rumble and at one point WWE wanted to debut him as a surprise entrant, but it’s still unknown if Styles has completed the required medical testing that has to be done before he signs a deal.

Doc Gallows was reportedly in Pittsburgh last week to do his WWE medical tests, according to PWInsider. However, it’s unlikely he appears at the Rumble. We last heard that he and Karl Anderson could be coming into WWE NXT at TV tapings in early March. With WWE apparently keeping Anderson and Gallows together, debuting Gallows by himself at the Rumble wouldn’t make much sense. As noted, Anderson is under contract to New Japan Pro Wrestling until February 1st.

Regarding Shinsuke Nakamura, we noted before that he’s set to come to the United States next month for a WWE Performance Center visit and medical testing.

On a related note, TNA reportedly made a big play for Styles to return on their POP TV Impact Wrestling premiere earlier this month but the two sides were obviously unable to agree on terms. TNA also talked with Gallows and Anderson, as noted.

  • antonio cesaro1

    hmmm got to work for a 5th rate crappy organization that has already screwed you over or go to work for the largest wrestling company in the world for 6 figures —— not much of a choice

    • Hulkamania

      5th rate crappy organization that already screwed AJ Styles over? If you are referring to TNA, which I’m assuming you are because TNA haters love to make things up, I would like to know how TNA is 5th rate and how they screwed AJ Styles over. I’ve been watching TNA and WWE for a long time and AJ Styles left TNA on good terms only because TNA was unable to pay him anymore than they already had at the time, meanwhile WWE offered AJ Styles a lowball contract and that is the reason why he went to Japan… and also why TNA is still able to contact him. Get your facts straight.

      • teh_LoU

        If your employer is ever one day late with your pay you start looking for a new job immediately.

    • Faithful1085

      WWE is nothing but trash. The only they do what they do is because they offer more $.their product really sucks.