Backstage Latest on Brandi Rhodes and WWE, Brandi Releases Her New Series

This week, Brandi Rhodes debuted her brand-new “Brandi On The Rocks” series, which you can view below. The show is meant to act as a temporary replacement while she pitches her “A Shot of Brandi” series to networks.

In the new series, Brandi will visit a number of locations throughout Atlanta. In the first episode, Brandi is shown learning to mix the Juniper Cafe’s signature Zone 1 cocktail with Chef Ron Hsu and Carl Van Tyle Gilbert in Atlanta’s Upper Westside.

Even though Brandi hasn’t competed since defeating KiLynn King at the AEW “Dark: Elevation” tapings on January 26, she still maintains her in-ring training.

According to Fightful Select, Brandi and WWE have a “cordial” relationship and have spoken about a number of things.

A potential partnership with KultureCity, of which Brandi is a board member, was one of the topics covered. Connecting AEW with KultureCity was one of Brandi’s first partnerships as the company’s chief brand officer. The relationship between the two parties is still active today. KultureCity bills itself as the nation’s top non-profit for those with invisible disabilities who need sensory accessibility and acceptance.

You can check out the first episode of “Brandi On The Rocks” below. Stay tuned to for more on Brandi and Cody Rhodes.