Backstage News and Notes From AEW All Out

During his recent podcast, Chris Jericho provided some backstage news from the AEW All Out PPV. Here are the highlights of what Jericho said courtesy of Reddit user AimarEraFutebol:

There was a company wide face scan (Jericho mentions these are for possible use in videogames & actions figures).

Chris Nowinski did a seminar for the workers regarding concussions. Tony Khan obviously organized the whole thing.

Dean Malenko was the producer for the main event. Jericho asked for the ref to be Aubrey Edwards. She’s Chris’ favourite referee.

Says that some ideas that him & Hangman had didn’t work out as planned.

Catering is provided by Cracker Barrel.

The AEW women roster was picked by Kenny & Brandi.

Private Party approached Jericho asking if it they could do a spinning elbow/Judas Effect type move. Jericho asked them to not doing it for awhile.

Jericho loves Private Party and the Jurassic Express. Says he didn’t “get” Marko at the beggining, but he has come around.

Thinks this was the best AEW “Buy In” so far.

Says SCU are very valuable. Can work the opener, the mid of the show and the main event.

Luchasaurus/Jungleboy shirt on PWTees is outselling everyone in the last week.

Doesn’t like hardcore for the sake of hardcore. Says he won’t do any of that stuff. Doesn’t think that it’s wrestling, but still gives props to Darby, Havoc & Janela.

Mox sent him pics of his injury. Says it’s gross.

Omega vs PAC went to long and had to cut stuff in their match. Both were unhappy about it. Jericho didn’t watch it, but heard the reactions of the crowd backstage. Calls it the best match of the show.

Jericho loves Orange Cassidy. Looking forward to see more of him. Gives kudos to Chuck Taylor for getting in better shape.

Still trying to figure out The Dark Order (we all are, Chris). Thinks TV will help them.

Thinks they’ve done a great job building Shawn Spears as a star.

Thinks Cody is on path to become the top babyface in the company.

Says in a Jeri-Show vs DX tag match he took a similar head/table bump to Nick Jackson’s. Says he should of probably been dead in that spot.

Compares the AEW title match being the Main Event & Bucks/Lucha Bros being semi to Hogan vs Rock being semi to HHH vs Jericho. Says the title should always go last.

The Hangman vs Jericho match started slow on purposed.

Loved the SSP into Codebreaker spot. Had a lot of fun in the match.

Shot some backstage stuff with Ortiz & Santana (I think he pretty much spoiled his tag partners for the debut TV episode)

AEW takes care of booking the hotels. Everyone stays in the same one and it’s a big party before and after the shows.