Backstage News On Booker T Pulling Out From Starrcast

Dave Meltzer of went into further detail about Booker T pulling out of the Starrcast event during All Out weekend. Meltzer was called out by Starrcast’s Conrad Thompson for writing that Booker T pulled out from “All Out” in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Here is what Meltzer said regarding the situation.

“Here’s the basic situation, [Booker T] was announced for Starrcast — Conrad announced him, Starrcast people, whatever — he was announced. His name was out there and when I saw it I was really surprised because when I saw his name I was like ‘We’re going to go through this again,’ but Booker T does his own Reality Of Wrestling. He works with other indie promotions. Booker T is doing a show with Impact.”

“It’s sort of like Booker T has his own promotion, but he does work for WWE, but he is an announcer, but Lawler was with JR and he’s an announcer, so eventually there are announcers who have gone. It’s not like it’s Undertaker who’s an iconic guy or Kurt [Angle] or whatever. So I thought whatever maybe it’s gonna happen.”

“Then Booker says he’s not doing it, but he’s going to explain it and probably somehow try and say that report is inaccurate even though that’s exactly what happened. You know it’s that he was pretty much told that he couldn’t do it or shouldn’t do it or he just had enough to read the tea leaves and know that it’s better off not doing it like Shawn Michaels. I think Shawn Michaels was probably told not to do it when he originally was gonna do it, but it’s the thing.”