Backstage News On Kevin Owens’ Babyface Turn, Impact Signs Former WWE Star

– As seen on this week’s Smackdown Live, it appears that Kevin Owens is back to being a babyface character. Dave Meltzer of explained why this was done:

“It’s very clear that this is a babyface turn for Owens who just turned heel a couple of months ago. I hate turns back and forth, but originally he was supposed to be a babyface. The heel turn was just a last-ditch effort because Daniel Bryan got hurt and now he’s getting back to where they wanted him originally.”

– is reporting that former WWE star D’Lo Brown has signed a long-time deal with Impact Wrestling as a Producer. Brown has been working with the company for the past several months and was said to be getting great reviews. Mike Johnson noted that Brown “built a reputation for being someone who collaborated with talents as opposed to trying to push what worked for him as a worker onto their matches.”