Backstage News On Last-Minute Money In The Bank Changes, X-Pac Comments

– In an update on the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match, Dave Meltzer of noted the following:

“Backstage, those who needed to know, were told that Ali was winning the Money in the Bank match, a change from Drew McIntyre, who had been said was the planned winner earlier in the week.”

The wrestlers were told an 8th man would be winning the match by knocking Ali off the ladder. Ali was reportedly told it would be Lesnar at the last minute and to keep quiet.

During his recent podcast, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman addressed the wrestlers not being told about Lesnar:

“I would not blame anyone in that match for being pissed off. That they had no idea {regarding the finish}- if that’s true {the rumor}. You put this match together and you’re out there risking your neck, you’re doing all this shit, you got this finish you think is [gonna happen.] Trust me when you’re a wrestler and you do this when you’re a Pro Wrestler and you’re in a match, this is like your canvas that you are painting your masterpiece on. You’re trying for a masterpiece every time you go out there. You’re trying for a Mona Lisa… and you’re just about finished and all of a sudden you have no idea and this guy comes out and just paints a mustache on the Mona Lisa.”