Backstage News On Maria Kanellis’ Pregnancy Angle On WWE RAW

Mike Kanellis has been on a quest to boost his star on 205 Live of late and on Raw Monday night, he and his wife Maria challenged Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch to a Mixed Tag Team Match in the hopes of supplanting them as WWE’s pre-eminent power couple. It did not go well for them.

Rollins overwhelmed Mike and forced him to tag in Maria, thereby summoning Becky in per Mixed Tag Team Match rules. Becky gladly would have thrown fists had Maria not weaseled out of it by grabbing the mic at ringside and claiming she was pregnant before berating Mike for not being man enough to be the father. Becky quickly changed course by submitting Mike with the Dis-arm-her, though his troubles were just beginning.

Maria got in the ring and unloaded on her husband for his perceived lack of manhood, claiming the only “man” in the ring was Lynch, and she might have been better off if Becky was the father of her children.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio and Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Maria is really pregnant. Johnson was also told that Maria informed WWE officials she was expecting again after she and Mike Kanellis signed new five-year contracts with the company last month.

Ryan Satin of noted the following about the duo:

“When Mike and Maria re-signed with WWE, a source of mine told me there was a pitch to do some sort of cucking angle with them.

Fast forward to a few weeks later and Maria is now on RAW calling Mike her ‘bitch’ and commentary is pointing it out.”

It’s unknown what Mike Kanellis’ future is since WWE did a storyline on 205 Live where he “quit” the brand. Bryan Alvarez of was very critical about Mike’s segment on RAW: