Backstage News On Nikki Cross, Private Party’s AEW Future

– Nikki Cross is expected to get a major babyface push in the coming months. Here is what Dave Meltzer of noted about Cross:

“The storyline is that Nikki deserves [the title shot]. The whole thing is to make Nikki into a bigtime babyface. That’s the goal here [is for her] to feud with Alexa. Essentially, Nikki is in the role that Bayley should have been in that they completely botched. They couldn’t go back to Bayley with it because it’s just too far gone and Bayley has been there for too long to go back to that role. Bayley is in her new role that she graduated into and Nikki Cross is in that original role.”

– Matt Jackson recently announced that Private Party has signed deals with AEW following their performance at Fyter Fest.

“Literally right when Private Party stepped back through the curtain after their match at Fyter Fest, Nick & I offered them full time contracts. Star making performances like that deserve to be rewarded,” said Jackson.