Backstage News On Original Plans For The LWO Splitting Up

(Photo Credit: WWE)

The LWO has broken up as a result of Santos Escobar’s heel turn following his attack on Rey Mysterio, which was intended to keep the Hall of Famer off WWE television while he recovers from a surgically repaired injury.

Mysterio had recently sided with Santos Escobar and other LWO members, including Carlito. However, Mysterio disagreed with Escobar, believing Mysterio was siding with Carlito, and attacked him on an episode of SmackDown.

Mysterio will be out for several weeks as a result of the surgery. Carlito will seek vengeance on Escobar in a singles match at Saturday’s Survivor Series.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the original plan was for Escobar to stay with Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro instead of attacking the tag team.

Meltzer went on to say, “Regarding the LWO split, the original idea was for Wilde & Del Toro to stay with Escobar and feud with Rey & Carlito & a third person.”

Based on what WWE has done with him on television, Meltzer speculated that it would make sense for Dragon Lee to be the person, as the company hopes Lee can be the next Mysterio, with the eventual goal of Mysterio endorsing him.

Meltzer continued, “The Garzas are the ones who are scheduled at this point to replace Wilde & Del Toro on the Escobar side. There’s speculation of Lopez, who was with Escobar in NXT, being on that side to feud with Vega, but that is not at all confirmed.”