Backstage News On Recently Released WWE Stars Trying To Forgo Non-Competes

Some of the recently released WWE talents are reportedly trying to get out of their 90-day non-compete clauses.

Multiple WWE talents released in 2021 have reportedly asked the company if they can forgo their non-compete clauses, anywhere ranging from the entire duration, down to just a few days before the expiration, according to Fightful Select.

It was noted that WWE officials are said to be receptive to this, with Talent Relations boss John Laurinaitis being the general point of contact for wrestlers to get this approved. There’s no word on if the wrestlers will still be paid for the non-compete period if they were to get them nixed with just a few days left, but WWE has been more lenient than ever before about inquiries regarding non-competes.

The WWE talents released on June 2 were to see their 90-day non-competes expire on Tuesday, August 31. The talents released on April 15 were to see their 90-day non-competes expire on Wednesday, July 14.

Stay tuned as there should soon be confirmation on some of the names that are trying to get out of their non-competes.