Backstage News on Rumors of the Money in the Bank Winners Heading to WrestleMania

WWE Money in the Bank Premium Live Event will take place on Saturday, July 2, from the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. The Money in the Bank ladder matches are among the most intriguing on the WWE calendar, but a commercial for the Premium Live Event has left many fans wondering what’s happening this year.

In this year’s Money in the Bank promo, Cody Rhodes stated that the winner of this year’s Money in the Bank match would have the opportunity to headline WrestleMania. Making many fans assume that WWE had changed the stipulation for their yearly multi-person ladder matches.

“No one knows why it is being said,” a long-serving member of the WWE creative team said.

This subject has also been discussed in production and creative meetings. It’s unclear why they haven’t addressed this on WWE TV yet, but they still have a month.

The WWE source said, “The only guaranteed title match is the winner of the Royal Rumble.” This is also “a major source of confusion with writers and producers.” Fans are not alone in their bewilderment.

At the very least, we know that the possibility of unanticipated cash-ins will not go away this year.

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(H/T ringsidenews)