Backstage News On Seth Rollins And WWE Promoting Outside Projects For Superstars

(Photo Credit: WWE)

There was reportedly some hesitation in placing the new WWE World Heavyweight Title on Seth Rollins because of his role in the new “Captain America: New World Order” film, which caused him to miss the last two weeks of RAW. WRKDWrestling clarified their original report, noting that this is a concern for the future, in case Rollins and wife Becky Lynch pursue careers in Hollywood. WWE officials continue to regard Rollins as a top RAW brand star, and nothing has changed.

WWE higher-ups have vehemently denied the original report on Rollins, according to a new report from Fightful Select. WWE officials saw mainstream projects like the Captain America film as a plus, especially now that Endeavor is involved.

One WWE higher-up said, “I’m not saying who is going to win this weekend, but the idea that this is anything but a positive is an unrealistic way of thinking. I can’t speak to how those in charge a year ago would have felt, but now it’s seen as a positive, especially with Endeavor aboard. It also wasn’t a surprise. Colby (Lopez, Seth Rollins) is an exceptional talent and we expect these opportunities to come his way. We were made aware that the situation was happening, and he’s already done filming. We had planned out the sit-down interviews to make up for his absence and it’s full speed ahead.”

In the past, WWE has been hit or miss when it comes to promoting or even supporting their Superstars’ outside projects. The word is that you can expect more help in these situations in the future.

On Saturday, Seth Rollins and AJ Styles will compete for the new WWE World Heavyweight Title at WWE Night of Champions.

A new report from Fightful claims that WWE considered sending Rollins into WrestleMania 39 as a champion before deciding not to split the titles.