Backstage News On Tucker Turning On Otis At WWE Hell In A Cell

Sunday’s WWE Hell In A Cell featured a match for the Money In The Bank contract. Otis was forced to put his briefcase on the line against The Miz. After John Morrison was ejected for trying to use the briefcase on Otis, Tucker did the deed.

After the match, Tucker explained why he turned on his Heavy Machinery partner. He cited all of the times he had to stand to the side while Otis got the spotlight. All of that snowballed to the eventual turn.

Tucker turning on Otis was decided a week ago, according to RingsideNews. This wasn’t something they had nailed down during the WWE Draft, or Tucker’s emotional speech on Talking Smack. The finish with Tucker turning on Otis and The Miz winning was booked after the fact.

Vince McMahon was very much behind Otis at the time of his Money In The Bank win, but plans were changed for Otis at least three times. His Money In The Bank briefcase win was simply a shocking moment with zero follow-up. Now The Miz has the Money In The Bank briefcase, and he could cash it in whenever he decides is best. Otis is alone on SmackDown without a briefcase or any of his friends.

It seems logical that Otis vs Tucker will happen at Survivor Series, but that isn’t 100% in stone as of this writing. WWE has a lot of ground to cover prior to November 22nd. Brand lines do separate the two, so it would make sense if that is the destination, but it was not confirmed.