Backstage News on Why Brian Kendrick Was Brought Back to WWE for Survivor Series

As previously reported, Jason Jordan and Brian Kendrick were listed as producers for the 2022 WWE Survivor Series PLE match between Smackdown Women’s champion Ronda Rousey and Shotzi.

Dave Meltzer of commented on why Kendrick was brought in during Wrestling Observer Radio.

“What happened was, Brian Kendrick was Ronda Rousey’s original wrestling trainer, and she suggested, she asked, for him to be brought in for her match with Shotzi. So he was in on Saturday, and it was not a hire. You could say it was a tryout, I wouldn’t say it wasn’t a tryout, but it really wasn’t like a normal tryout. It was more Ronda Rousey asked for him to help her. Jason Jordan also produced it, but she asked for Brian to be brought in, so they brought him in.”